Amelia is a normal teenage girl with an amazing life ahead of her, but which door will she enter....


1. life

Amelia's POV

Everyone's stories different. Especially mine. You see, possibly its someone who gets killed, or abused, bullied or bad behaviour. Mine has a twist. Nothing wrong with me. All normal. My mom and dad are happily living together and my brother, David, he's normal. I'd say we are pretty rich. I mean, we live in a mansion and my mom is the manager of a fancy restaurant, and my dad, well, he is always away. He's normally on business trips because he is the governor or Australia,America,England,Ireland and Canada. Along with two other people. He is also the manager of a band called 5 seconds of summer.

Today is the day when I get to see this band play. I'm going with my dad to the place where they practice and I'm really excited. I've listened to their music before and they are REALLY good. My favourite is Luke. His bright blue eyes and silver lip piercing that looks so hot and totally suit him. I get ready wearing my black GreenDay top and my black ripped jeans, with my black and white superstars. I apply some concealer,mascara and some cherry lip balm. I walk downstairs putting my pink phone in my back pocket, grabbing my earphones and a pop tart and coat, seeing my dad as he beeps the car horn for me to come out. I run straight to him due to that I haven't seen him in ages and started tearing up, as a few tears escapes my eyes. "Don't cry pip" he says. He called me pip all the time and I missed that so god damn much, let me tell you! "I know I know dad, it's just that I missed you so much." I said calming down a bit as my dad wipes my tears away. He replied, "I miss you too pip".

As I saw my mam at the door, I waved goodbye,as did my dad, as I hopped into the black porch that pulled up on out driveway and we headed off to the studio flat thing.

Hey guys! So this is my first movella on here and I hope you like it so far. Like,share,fave and comment on this. Tell me what you think and for some ideas of the story. Who's your favourite out of 5sos?

Remember you are pretty

Olivia x

Keep eating pizza🍕

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