A friend, An enemy

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  • Published: 26 May 2015
  • Updated: 26 May 2015
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1. A friend, An enemy

when i was a child 

so young and free

the hardest thing i had to think about is when i would meet my friends at ‘the tree’

but now 

the tree is cut down my childhood is over

feeling alone, depressed and confused 

all your friends are gone

you have been used

what shall you do

run home and cry

sit alone in the dark

wondering why 

people don’t change they just learn 

maybe you were the reason they took that crazy turn

words hurt

people change

3 simple words can’t take the pain away 

I love you 

what a joke

I rather have you say I hate you 

and turn around

than say I love you 

then crush my ground 

for every word you say 

feels like a stab to the back 

being nice is something you lack 

The weirdest thing about backstabbing 

 it never comes from an enemy  always your friend

what kind of relationship can you mend

when you can’t smile at a person you have hurt the most

they came to you when they were at their worst

you shared their secrets and wondered why

your friendship is done 

and all they do is cry 

when you trust someone 

you lose control

tell them secrets

no one has known

people can’t be trusted 

all the friendships i have ended

I am done of complaining 

I am tired of waiting 

I’ve let you go 

our friendship has been wasted 

a drop in the ocean 

a fish in the sea

I can find a friend better than the

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