I think I'm falling for you


1. im falling for you

It only took me two times to sleep next to you in a bed to know that every time you go to bed you take your jumper and your pants off

it didn't take me long before I knew you liked to kiss me on my head or peck me on the lips, and that when we kissed you pulled me hard against you

I also realised that I felt comfortable around you, I didn't feel nervous, instead I felt quite at home

but I'm scared because what if I'm starting to fall for you, and you're not falling for me? 

What if you'll get bored of me, and find some other girl that will give you what you want

I'll be left hanging, because you encouraged me to like you, you messaged me and you kissed me and you asked me to pick you up when you were at the pub drunk and then asked me to stay with you and we watched that corny show together on the couch till 12pm even though I had to get up a 5:30am the next morning

but because I was with you, I didn't care 

and for now it's fine but everyone else always seems to lose interest and what if you do the same? what if you leave?


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