See you again....

Olivia and Michael are the perfect couple...until Olivia gets pregnant and moves to California.Michael misses Olivia but will he ever get to see the baby or Olivia again?


1. before

Olivia Ross and Michael Ashford were the perfect couple...

Olivia's POV

"I'll miss you so much" I said, tears forming in my eyes"never forget me, okay?"

"No, I won't ever forget you!" He cried placing a hand on my mini baby bump.


Life is awful,I don't want to go to California anyway.

"Olivia,what hospital is the baby going to be aborted?"asked my mom.

"what,the baby is NOT going to be aborted,okay?"

"Olivia this is for the best."

"NO I don't want to, it's my choice anyway."

We carried on arguing until the plane landed, which was a few hours.Then I decided that l would run away.l was the first off the plane, running to get my suitcases. After l had got them l fled as quick as l could to the inside of the airport. l had my passport check and also my luggage.

l had done it, l had run away!  

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