Pokémon x Reader (Requests Open)

These Pokémon x Readers mean that YOU are part of the story! Feel free to request a one-shot with your favourite character! Open for both boys and girls!


4. Riley x Embarrassed!Reader - I'm a Pikachu!

Riley x Embarrassed!Reader - I'm a Pikachu!

Requested By Lozzie-san


    You just couldn't help it. The way those blue eyes calmly looked at you, the soft smile always sent your way... The blue hat that was set to an angle on his bangs... You were crushing on Riley, and you didn't like it one bit.


    Everything about him was perfect from top to bottom. You were even jealous about how well-looked after his Lucario was. Hell, you wanted to be with him. You didn't care how, even if it meant you becoming a Pokemon just so he could catch you.


    It wasn't too much to say that you were in love with his kind, polite personality. Hell yeah, his wonderful personality... You really were in love...

    And you may be doomed to never see him again.


~Pokemon x Reader~


  "Get in here, pipsqueak!" A woman with short auburn hair pushed you hard, sending you tumbling.You gripped onto the cracked stone wall to stop your face from colliding with it. You gave a sigh of relief at you quick reflexes. It was outlived when you heard the metal sound behind you and the keys jangling in the lock.

  "H-hey!" Running to the other side of the cell, you grab onto the metal bars, "let me out!!!"

  "Your fault for trespassing on the property of Team Galactic!!!" and with that, she stormed off, leaving you standing there, dumfounded.


   Walking to the back of your newly found prison, you slumped against the wall and sat down, hugging your knees to your chest to stop the only warmth in your body from escaping. Looking around, you could see that there was nothing there, just grey cracked bricks everywhere except for the rusty metal bars at the front. What could you possibly do? Well... You could always call for help on your phone... But that was in your bag... Which the Team Galactic Grunt confiscated before throwing your sorry behind in this dump.


   Sighing, you gave in to your tears and let them slowly fall from your eyes...


   "(Name)!" A polite sounding voice called through the bars. Lifting your head up, you gasped in shock to see the one person you desperately wanted to hug. Riley.


  At the same time, you didn't want him to find you.


   Grabbing your hood from your (favourite colour) jumper, you pulled it over your face and (hair length) (hair colour) hair and ducked your head down and out of sight. Why were you doing this? Embarrasment.


   "I am not this (Name) you speak of. I am a Pikachu," you said in the worst silly voice you could conjure up. Wait - what?! Did you just call yourself a Pikachu?!


   "...What?" Riley asked with a puzzled look on his face. Great. More embarrassment...

   "..That's right! I'm a Pikachu who got transformed to look like (Name)! The next Pikachu you see is probably her!" You said once again in the silly voice. God bless your quick thinking!

"Err...." Riley stated with a puzzled expression. Yes! You were fooling him! Drama lessons paid off!!

"Riley! Have you found (Name)?" A familiar young and bouncy voice questioned. Skidding to a stop in front of the cell, the curly blonde haired boy narrowed his eyes at you, "I'm fining you for getting captured!"

"Um... Barry? She's saying that she's a Pikachu that got transformed to look like (Name)..." Riley exchanged a worried expression with Barry, who sighed in exasperation.

"And I'm fining you for being so gullible!" he glared at Riley with crossed arms before grabbing the cell bars, "listen, (Name), we need to get you outta here! Can you tell me where they put the keys?"

You looked up at Barry, giving him a goofy smile, "aww! Don't 'cha worry 'bout me! I'm just your average Pikachu who abnormally got turned into a (Name)-lookalike by Galactic to fool ya!"

Barry raised an eyebrow, "and yet you can speak the human language...?"

"Um... Um... Er... Well.... Meowth taught me...."

"Meowth doesn't teach anyone."

"Meowth is my friend."

"Where is this friend?"


Barry gave a triumphant smirk as Riley facepalmed. "I gotcha there, didn't I, (Name)?"

"Um... Well...."

Oh shoot! It turns out Barry does have brains! Who would've thought? But now.... What if he finds out?! Wait... He just did.... Oh.............

"Go on, say it."

You looked up, red in the face, to which Riley widened his eyes. He'd never seen you like that before. It was somehow.... Cute...?


It took a minute before Riley could comprehend what you were saying, whilst Barry fiddled with the lock. "...Why? We're friends, right?"


"You tell him now or I'm fining you double what you owe me."

Stupid Barry... He was already taking your monthly pocket money...

"What is it?" Riley asked.

"I LIKE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!" You called out to hide your embarrassment.

Then you heard voices, "crap! They're trying to help her escape!"

"YOU IDIOT!! I'M FINING YOU DOUBLE FOR THIS!!" Barry yelled before unlocking the door. "Yeah! That's skill!"

Riley pulled you out of your prison before placing a chaste kiss on your cheek, making you more redder than Chimcharr, "I like you too, (Name)."

And then you ran for your lives laughing like the weirdos you are.


Here you go, Lozzie! I'm really sorry it took a long time! I was busy, although that's no excuse for such lateness...

Anyways, I laughed a lot whilst writing this :'D

So I hope you do whilst reading it! And I hope you enjoy it!





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