Pokémon x Reader (Requests Open)

These Pokémon x Readers mean that YOU are part of the story! Feel free to request a one-shot with your favourite character! Open for both boys and girls!


1. x Reader Explainatory

For those of you who don't know what "x Reader" means, it's basically where YOU are part of the story! You are included, your character being addressed as "(Name)" where you imagine your name being inserted!



So this being Pokemon x Readers means that it will be the Pokemon character of your choice and you in your own special oneshot! It's free for girls AND boys! Comment the character of your chosen one-shot and I promise I'll do my best!

It can also be "!"



Ash x Sick!Reader (where you are sick and Ash takes care of you)

Pikachu x Pichu!Reader (where you are a Pichu in the story)

Sister!Iris x Brother!Reader (Where Iris is your sister and you're her brother //designed for male readers//)

Sister!Iris x Sister!Reader (The same except where it's //designed for female readers//)


Please like and favourite before requesting!



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