Faded Colors

A girl is on the erg of dying, ready to see the world. She meets the love of her life. But that love holds her fate. In a matter of days the love must fight and decide, if she lives, or if he lives.


2. Second Longest Day of My Life

The car comes to a gentle stop in front of my school. "Its going to be okay Gracie. I told your teachers what's going on, and they said that you can just gather your stuff today." I sighed. "Mom, this is going to be the longest day of my life. Don't make it any longer." "Longest? I would have figured yesterday was." "Never mind mom." All of the sudden the car door shuts with a thud. Time to start this long harsh day. Lockers slamming everywhere. Can lockers cause brain tumors? If so, why doesn't everyone else have a tumor? No, i'm only kidding myself. Lockers can't cause them. But they sure make it worse. It hurts. Wait, its just a headache. I feel so dumb. "Hey Gracie. How was your checkup?" asks Clair. "Oh,I don't want to talk about it." "Wait, do you have cancer?" she asks. A long silence overcomes us. "You do! Oh my god! My best friend has cancer!" she yells. "Will you quite it out. I don't have cancer." "Oh, well then what's wrong?" I sigh. "Promise you wont tell anyone?" "I swear!" "Okay, I have a brain tumor." Uh-oh. There's that silence again. "Well, is it fatal?" uh-oh. Same question i asked the doctor. Deep breath now. Here comes the bad news. "I have 3 months." i say softly. Nothing has been said for minutes. Finally she says, "But Gracie, your my best friend. You can't die!" Oh my  god! She said it so loudly. Everyone in the hall heard it. "Gracie, are you dying?" asks my other friend Marissa. "Yes. EVERYONE I AM DYING! DEAL WITH IT." 

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