The Time of Harmony

This story is entered in "The Battle of The Fandoms" competition, In the Harry Potter category.

Hermione is sitting in her study, remembering the days of her past childhood, when she makes a life changing decision to re-kindle the fire between Harry and Hermione, Harmony.


1. Lovestruck

Hermione sat in her study, reading her copy of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" that Dumbledore had left for her, She would often be caught re-reading this book, hoping for a secret, a hint, an escape. It was half past midnight, and she was growing weary. She dreamed of the night of anger, hate, and stress, the night the horcrux locket enraged Ron so much, that he stormed off... The night Harry took her hand, and they danced. Hermione snapped out of it, she loved Ron, she knew she did, but she also had a fancy for her best friend... Harry Potter, though he was now married to Ginny, who was pregnant with James, there soon to be newborn child. Hermione always wondered, had Harry ever liked her, had she missed all those signs, all those years ago? Would she ever know? Perhaps her and Harry were destined to be soul mates, maybe.

Hermione woke with a start, the tree bristling the window, it brought back memories of the Womping Willow at Hogwarts, she missed every day of Hogwarts. She knew it was late, it was still pitch black outside, nothing but the sound of wind, and the branches of the tree swaying, Hermione, having no clock in her room, due to frustration of the ticking, while working, had no way of telling time, until she remembered, all those years ago, she had handed back her time turner at Hogwarts, but... The night at the Ministry of Magic she managed accidentally have one snag onto her sleeve, saving just one, from an endless loop of smashing time turners, she threw open every drawer, she knew the timer turner contained not clock, but she had other plans, just for one night, she would go back to the days of adventure, danger, excitement, and fun, The Age of the Golden Trio. Hermione closed her eyes, The time turner clutched within her grasp, she concerted on on a day she was worried, which was often when she was friends with Harry, and Ron, Though their adventures have come to an adbrut end. She was going to the day of the Triwizard tournament the first challenge, Capture the Dragon's egg. She turned the time turner, she didn't know how many times it would take to turn it, but she concerted on that thought when she was so scared for Harry, there was a sudden silence, the branches of the tree no longer hit the window, the silent tune of the radio came to a halte, the birds of the night were silent, Silence, Hermione though "It's been so long since I've heard silence." Then there was a blinding light, everything seemed to shift around here, voices flew by at an incredible speed,it was impossible to understand a word of it, faces flashed by her, the faces got younger, and younger, and younger, then there was just the faintest smell of freshly mown grass, mint toothpaste, and Hermione's favourite scent,Old parchment. Then it all ended. It felt similar to being underwater without oxygen, she felt like her lungs were going to explode, she couldn't handle it any longer, she knew that everything was going to be all right, so she let out a deep breath, and felt the blood flow through her body, in a wisp of smoke, she was gone.

That's when everything went wrong. Hermione accidentally let the time turner slip through her grasp, memories flashed right in front of her eyes, Being sorted into Gryffindor, Hogwarts celebrations, The good times and the bad, there was a distant snapping noise, like twigs snapping in a forest, although this was not the case, it was simple a memory of Hermione clumsily dropping a bottle of butter beer. These memories brought Hermione to tears, she missed all the fun times at Hogwarts, but then everything went black, Flashes of red and green light filled the scenery, a wand fight, The day Voldemort nearly killed Harry. The reason these memories were right before her eyes are because Hermione had let go of her time turner half way through her transportation, and now, she was lost in space and time, she was everywhere but nowhere, She had to escape.

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