The Time of Harmony

This story is entered in "The Battle of The Fandoms" competition, In the Harry Potter category.

Hermione is sitting in her study, remembering the days of her past childhood, when she makes a life changing decision to re-kindle the fire between Harry and Hermione, Harmony.


2. Darkness

It felt as if Hermione had gone blind, blackness was all her eyes could see, she searched the horizon and saw nothing, wait something shined in the distance, and small flick of light, it was a small white flame dancing in the darkness, this struck Hermione as strange, considering there was no wind in the air, in fact there was no air either, now that she thought about it, There was nothing else but the light, not even Hermione was there, she was there, but not physically, she was a being floating though nothingness, she floated towards the light, it was a a lone white flame, in a tear shape, as she looked upon it, she was filled with curiosity, and love, She reached out to touch it-"HERMIONE!" A voice bellowed. Then everything sank away, the light disappeared, the darkness fill with white light, then she saw it.

A face cast a shadow upon her face, whose face it was, she was unsure, her vision was distorted, her eyes watery from the the sudden change of darkness to light. "Ye al'right, Hermione?" The voice was oddly familiar to Hermione, a voice she rarely heard, she rarely visited the man anymore, he was alive and well, in her time, though they lived to far from each other, The man was Rubeus Hagrid, Caretaker of Hogwarts. "Where am I?" She asked "Why yer at Hogwarts of curse! Have ye been hit in the head?" Hermione was puzzles by his response. Then it all came back to her, The time turner! Hermione leapt up in joy and hugged her old friend "What'er ye doin'?" Hagrid nearly laughed, as he returned the hug "I am just so glad to see you, Hagrid" Hermione responded in glee "Thank ye, Hermione, but yer gonna be late for thee tourneymeant" Hagrid's eyes filled with sadness as he mentioned this, Hermione then realized what year she landed in, She was in her fourth year at Hogwarts, the year of The Triwizard Tournament.

She was escorted by Hagrid to the rows and rows of bleachers surrounding a vast arena where the competitions had to face their dragons, and possibly their doom. "Well here ye are Hermione, ye know I dun't think they will hurt'em, friendly creatures they are, Dragons, seriously misunderstood I'd say." Hagrid announced " This nearly made Hermione laugh, Hagrid was a great man, in love with all creatures, much like Hermione, he hated these games, were creatures were forced to fight each other, or humans, a mockery to both specicies. "Thank you, Hagrid I will come sit with you in a few minutes, I just need to wish Harry- I mean all of them luck." Hermione ran off blushing, Hagrid giggled, he always knew that Harry and Hermione were a great match, he thought they would get married and bear many children, Maybe they will after all, all they have is time.

Hermione was just outside of the competitors tent, as she heard footsteps pacing back and fourth, she lifted open the side of one of the flaps and peeked through, all the competitors were either pacing nervously, or talking amongst each other, besides Harry he was sitting on a chair starring into the distance with fright in his eyes, Hermione already knew the out come of the game, no one is killed, many are hurt, but Harry survived it all, with only bruises. She stood there for several seconds, mustering up the courage to speak to him, she had done this before, but she had a different intent now. Hermione reached for the tent flap and ran through, as soon as Harry seen her, she and him embraced each other for several seconds, she had to say it "Harry there's something I need to tell you" "Yes Hermione?" Harry let go of her and looked into her eyes, she looked into his "Harry, I-" "EVERYONE GATHER AROUND ME!" a man in a black suit had entered the room, carrying a small sack, Hermione immediately recognized the man as Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, and he was carrying in the sack, small models of the dragons the competitors would face, Harry would receive the most dangerous of all the Dragons, the "Hungarian Horntale" Hermione was ushered out of the tent by Mr.Fudge, Harry mouthed three words, she couldn't make them out, "Good luck!" She yelled.

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