Avengers Fanfic

~Rated Y for coarse language and action *Read at own risk* **~Author does not own Avengers or any other Marvel people mentione~** ~


1. One

I leaned my head against a wall in my assigned room, adrenaline coursing through my veins. We had barely saved the town where we defeated Ultron and one of us died in the battle. My friend, Wanda Maximoff’s brother, Pietro was the one we lost. After that though the original Avengers broke apart, but Cap and Widow stayed behind to train us.

“Yo, Tracer, Cap needs to see you,” Falcon, also known as Sam, says.

“Be there in a sec, Falcon,” I holler at him, placing the power Infinity stone, back in its orb and then placing it in my back pack.

I open my door and as usual Falcon is standing there, getting ready to knock again. I smile at him, which he happily returns. Not a soul at S.H.I.E.L.D or H.Y.D.R.A, or hell even Tony Stark knew I possessed this stone.

~Flash Back: Guardians Of The Galaxy~

“Star-Lord, are you sure we can trust your friend here with the stone, ”Gamora said, pointing to me.

“She’s proven herself, hell she’s proven herself to be better than me,” Star-Lord replied, as we walked down the halls of the Nova Corp offices.

“Um, hello, I’m right here,” I mutter, pulling my hood lower over my face.

“Sorry, Tracer,” Gamora and Star-Lord say at the same time.

I sigh, keeping my head down. I always did this when I was around Nova Corp and their officers, because I’m not on the best terms with them or S.H.I.E.L.D for that matter. A million thoughts run through my mind as I remember things I’ve done.

“Good morning, Star-Lord,” a Nova Corp officer, says as we reach the area where we’re supposed to be.

“Morning,” Star-Lord replies.

“I see Gamora is with you today, but who’s the new girl,” the officer asks.

“She’s a friend,” Gamora says, defending me.

“Geez, Guys, I’m just joking.”.

“My friend doesn’t like jokes,” Gamora says with a hiss.

I mentally face palm myself, wanting to get in and get out. I started wishing Rocket and Groot were here, Drax too.  The officer waves us through, no more questions. I sigh again, slipping my right fingerless glove off flexing my right hand.

Our back up plan was if Star-Lord couldn’t get the Power Infinity Stone, I’d use my powers to ‘coerce’ the officers into giving it to us. Star-Lord nudges my right shoulder, the signal for ‘Not Yet’. I nod, lowering my hood even more.

“Why are you here again,” the officer asks for the first time.

“Just checking inventory,” Gamora replies.

The officer nods, leading us onward. I sigh for a third time, getting really impatient with all of these questions. Star-Lord gave me a look of sympathy, but it didn’t help any. Suddenly another officer runs up to the one leading us.

They have a quick, whispered conversation then they both look in my direction.

“Code Alpha,” an alarm blares, repeating that phrase over and over.

“Shit,” I mutter. Star-Lord whistles, signaling Gamora and I.

I pull my hood off, revealing my long blonde hair with a section of white. I smirk, ungloving both hands. I blink, then the fight begins which I use to my advantage to go searching. I search for barely an hour when Star-Lord comes and finds me.

“I found it, so now for the next part,” he says, his voice ‘deeper’ because of a busted lip.

I take it from him, placing it in a back pack I brought with us. Gamora joins us a few moments later. Star-Lord and I nod to her, acknowledging it was officially time for part two of this plan. I re-glove  both of my hands, then I take Gamora’s left hand and Star-Lord’s right hand.

I close my eyes and in a flash we’re back on our ship. Drax, Groot and Rocket quickly greet us, then we head off to the drop off point.

~Flash Back over~

Falcon and I finally reached the area we needed to be after a series of twists and turns. Like Drax, Rocket and Groot from my flash back, the others greet us quickly before setting down to be ready for this meeting, or whatever Cap has in store for us.

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