Hiding Away (song lyrics)

Its true, that's all you need to know, and its Me. And yes, I wrote this.


1. Hiding Away

I'm Hiding Away, 

Behind me.

The outer shell

Is all you see.

Because i'm Hiding Me!

I'm Hiding Me. 

You'll never Meet Me, 

Never See Me,

Never Know Me,

Never Me...

You think i'm Loud,

And Annoying, Obnoxious, 

But that's not Me!

Oh, that's not Me!

I'm More than You Know,

But I'm scared to show Me!

I believe you'll Hate Me!

The Real Me!

That I couldn't bear.

I'm better off,

Weathering Away and Hiding...

:Instrumental Break:

Oh, How I want You to see,

The Real Me,

But I hurt too much,

And don't want to hurt you too.

So a Glimpse of Me,

You'll Never Meet me,

Never See Me,

Never Know Me.

Can't You even look,

Even try to see me?!

Can't you tell that Iv'e been Lying,

Iv'e been Hiding?!

Sift through the Lies,

I Hope you'll see me,

Please Don't find Me.

Please Don't find me,

Please Do,

I'm Tired of Dying...

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