Supernatural - The Other Side

Sam and Dean Winchester are transported to an alternate universe. They soon discover the crucial difference between their universe and this one is that here, Sam and Dean are girls?
Genderbend AU
(Sorry about bad summary!)


4. Why Not?

       Dean and Deanna exited the impala, neither trusting the other they both kept each other in plain sight. They reached room and Dean looked at Deanna confused. "This is my room, I thought we were going to your sister"

     Deanna sighed "This is my room, just like that is my car. I don't know who you think you are you're making it really difficult for me not to shoot you in the face"

   She unlocked the door and entered the room, Dean followed her in. Right away Sam noticed Dean and called out "Dean?"


  Sam lowered his gun and Dean went over to Sam and spoke just loud enough for Sam to hear him "What the hell is going on here Sammy" Sam shrugged and looked over to Deanna and Samantha who were looking just as confused. Samantha finally lowered her gun.

Deanna who had just taken out her gun as well lowered it once more. It was Dean who spoke first "Alright I don't know what the hell is going on here" he said taking a few steps closer to the girls.

   Sam spoke up "Uh Dean, she said her name was Sam"

"Yeah I know that I heard over the phone"

"No, she said her name was Sam Winchester" his gaze flicked to Deanna "And if I heard correctly, you're Deanna?"

Deanna nodded crossing her arms "This is getting complicated" she let out a small laugh and turned to her sister "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Samantha laughed "Yeah, I think we just met the guy version of us" she approached the boys a bit closer.

Dean laughed in disbelief walking forward"I'm not so sure about that, how do I know you two aren't just monsters? Hm?" 

"I'm thinking the same thing" Deanna said mirroring Deans actions of walking closer to where the two were merely two feet away from each other. She looked back at Samantha "I'm not trusting him until he get's tested for just about everything we've encountered"

Dean grinned "Go ahead, as long as we run the drill on the two you as well"

Sam and Samantha exchanged looks from across the room, a smirk upon both their faces.


    A few minutes later the four rolled down their sleeves with a fresh cut on their forearms, Sam looked at Dean "They're clean"

Deanna nodded at Samantha "Well" 

"They're clean Deanna, do you still not trust them? It's literally us?"

"In some deranged fun-house mirror "

Samantha rolled her eyes "Fine, but still us"

Sam laughed "Yeah, you would think they'd get along they're literally the same person." 

Samantha grinned "See, Sam get's it"

"Obviously you'd get along" Deanna muttered. She turned to face Dean once more "How'd you two get here anyway"

Dean shrugged "Honestly we don't know, we were hunting something new, blue light, and here we are"

"So now what" she took step closer to Dean

"Wish I knew" Dean said looking down and back up straight at Deanna.

"Well you can't stay here"

Dean raised an eyebrow "You think we want to?"

"I don't know what you want"

"Well, I'm you should be simple enough"

"Well it isn't"

"Damn I'm hot when I'm angry"

Deanna raised an eyebrow "You're not too bad yourself."

"Dude!" exclaimed Sam

Dean looked over at Sam "What? I'm hot"

Samantha laughed "Get a room you two"

Dean looked Deanna up and down and gave a small laugh and glanced at Samantha " and I'm still hotter than  you" a smirk upon his face. 

Samantha looked offended for a second but her expression quickly changed to a smirk as she replied "Yeah, but I'm still taller than you"

Sam burst out laughing and Dean looked like he was about to reply with a comeback but dropped it and said "I've got nothing, you win this round.."


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