Supernatural - The Other Side

Sam and Dean Winchester are transported to an alternate universe. They soon discover the crucial difference between their universe and this one is that here, Sam and Dean are girls?
Genderbend AU
(Sorry about bad summary!)


1. Confusion

        Dean burst into the abandoned warehouse, a blood splattered dagger clutched tightly in his hand. Sam was right behind him. The two brothers were on a hunt and well, they didn't really know what they were hunting. This was something neither brother had encountered before. Seemingly no hunter had every dealt with this either which only made the hunt far more difficult. The warehouse seemed undisturbed except for the deep red blood splattered on the floor leading a trail to one of the doors. Instinct kicked in and Dean motioned for Sam to quietly follow the trail. 

"Seriously Sam" Dean said quietly "What the hell is this thing?"

     Sam shook his head "I don't know, this thing seems immune to basically anything we know can harm monsters. Did you call for backup?"

"Yeah" Dean said approaching the door "Bobby's calling other hunters in to help out"

     There was a thud behind the door. Dean and Sam hurried inside the room which now seemed empty.

Dean scoffed "It's gone" 

     But just as the words escaped Deans mouth a bright blue light appeared in the middle of the room. It grew larger emitting a high pitched noise which eventually was unbearable. The light grew to the size of the room swallowing Sam and Dean with it and then in a flash it was gone. But so were the Winchesters.

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