Elevator Devil

After death reverses in South Dakota, and after Bobby kills his late wife, Sam and Dean just want a break from the Apocalypse thing. When a hunt pops up in Rapid City, South Dakota, it seems the perfect way to get back in the business.
{Battle of The Fandoms Entry; Supernatural}


3. Plebeians Below

“Why are we even here again? The plebeians’ quaint shops are ruining my new shoes just by being near them.”

Jessica groaned. “Just shut up Helios. You’ve already said that ten freaking times in the last ten minutes. That’s one every minute!”

Helios sniffed, “Just because I am more gifted, richer and infinitely more superior than you doesn’t mean you can yell at me!”

Jessica groaned, again. It seemed like she was groaning a lot lately.

“Helios, you know why we are here, you just want to complain.” Christi jumped in, glaring at Helios over the top of her glasses.

Thank you.’ Jessica thought.

“Personally, I don’t mind, you can complain to me anytime Helios.” Reila grinned lasciviously.

“Reila, I think the reason why you are so insistent to have sex is because-”

“Quiet Haro.” Helios cut in.

“I cut myself everyday in front of the mirror.” Shadow blurted.

Jessica turned to Shadow and said, "Why would you even do that? Doesn't it hurt?"

Shadow sniffed dramatically, "Yes, but it the only way for me to distract from my inner pain!" Shadow spread his arms, shaking his head letting his black hair frame his pale face and black makeup.

"An emo right?" Reila smirked, "I like emos."

"Shut up Reila. I want to get this over with." Christi said impatiently, waving them over to the entrance of the shopping mall. "Hurry up Jessica!"

"Look, I wanted to do the animal shelter, but no, we had to do the elevator where two people were found dead!" Jessica replied, "It's like the start to a bad horror movie. Do you know what's the easiest way to get killed in a horror movie?"

Nobody replied to Jessica, all of them looking at her blankly.

"It's to go somewhere where something bad happened! And, or, do stupid things like trying to find ghosts and stuff."

"Calm down Jessica, we're just going to do a little video, go up in one of the other lifts for speculation and then we're done! No need to freak out."

Jessica shook her blonde hair and sighed, "OK, but if I die, you're not invited to my funeral."

Everybody walked inside the shopping mall, and headed towards the lifts.

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