Elevator Devil

After death reverses in South Dakota, and after Bobby kills his late wife, Sam and Dean just want a break from the Apocalypse thing. When a hunt pops up in Rapid City, South Dakota, it seems the perfect way to get back in the business.
{Battle of The Fandoms Entry; Supernatural}


6. In The Dark

The lights flickered on almost instantly, but that didn't stop the absolute fear coursing through Jessica's veins. She'd heard the reports and knew that the lights always flickered off before someone died, so she couldn't help but scream, throwing her arms above her head and cowering in terror. Around her, her classmates were doing much the same thing, with Haro and Christi in one corner, Helios in another with Reila clinging to him, and Shadow just plastered against the wall, wide eyed like a frightened horse. 

The two men who were there with them, one of them was called 'Dean', weren't cowering in terror. Rather the opposite, they were in battle stances, armed with bottles of water Jessica assumed was water or alcohol, and a knife carved with strange symbols.

Jessica let out a gasp at the sight of its cruelly jagged blade.

"I-Is that a knife?!"

Helios let out a little scream and Christi just slammed herself into the corner even more with Haro copying her. Reila however, just completely freaked out and started clinging on to Helios even harder, shrieking her head off.

'Dean' immediately noticed this and put away the knife and tried to come closer to Reila with his hands up as if he was approaching a wild animal.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's okay, we're not going to hurt you." He said in what Jessica thought he hoped to be a calming tone.

She swallowed dryly and tried to speak, "But, but you have a knife! And-And the lights flickered out and we're in an elevator and what if we die too and oh my god, oh my god, we're all going to die! We're all going to die!"

She started turning around to her classmates, arms raised up beside her head and started shrieking,  "I told you we shouldn't have come here! We're going to die!" Her breaths started coming faster and her chest tightened like it always did when she was about to cry.

'Dean' lunged forward towards her, but not before the other man stepped up to her and caught hold in her hands, kneeling down to her her height. Jessica found herself looking into his eyes and he said, "Calm down, nobody's going to die, okay?"

Jessica tried to argue, "But, the lights and the others! They died when the lights flickered!"

The man calmly said back, "The lights flickered just now and nobody died. Its probably just a loose bulb."

Jessica thought about this and slowly started to calm down and relax her arms, letting the man keep holding her arms. She breathed in and out, accepting the man's words.

"Hey, uh, Sam? I think she wants her arms back."

Sam started and let go of her, and Jessica stepped back, suddenly struck by just how tall Sam was. He was like a giant! Jessica only came up to his chest, and didn't that make her feel short.

"Okay." Jessica said, blowing air out of her nose. She looked up at Sam and asked, "Now what?"

"Now, we wait until security gets the elevator running again." He said calmly.

"Hey Sam, could I talk to you for a minute here?" Dean cut in, looking annoyed. Probably because the elevator broke down, or his boyfriend was talking to others. Maybe he was just a really possessive person.

Sam went over to him and they talked together in whispers, once every while looking back over to them as if they'd run away if they didn't check.


"Dean. What are we going to do?" Sam hissed, looking over to the kids who were still huddled together by the wall.

"We're going to wait until the elevator starts going again." Dean said, calmly, lifting up an eyebrow. Sam couldn't believe how calm he was being and was tempted to punch him in the calm eyebrow.

"Yeah, one thing about that. This ghost likes to pick off people in between floors and guess what? We're in between floors! We don't even have any weapons and we can't do anything. We're sitting ducks waiting for it to pick us off one by one."

"Look, all we have to do is gank the fugly before it hits one of them alright? And it's not like we're completely defenseless." Dean lifted up a corner of his jacket to reveal his trusty gun and knife along with a bottle of salt and a iron wand.

"And look, we don't even know if it is a ghost. It could be some demon." Dean said.

"Yeah, demons could probably do the same thing. Possess then kill."

Sam took in a deep breath and released it. He couldn't believe how complicated the job suddenly got. This whole thing was meant to get them back in the game; recover from Death's little present, but instead they were trapped in an elevator with six others they were supposed to protect.

Sam laughed internally, so just another normal day for them, wasn't it?

"Okay, so cover all bases, right? We investigate, see if it is a ghost and if it isn't we assume that it's a demon." Sam reasoned.

"Yeah. Then we off it." Dean said, a bit too sarcastically.

"How are supposed to though?" Sam asked,

"What?" Dean said obliviously,

"Kill the thing, I mean, we're stuck in a elevator, right? We can't kill it from here."

Dean looked annoyed and worried all at the same time, "I know we're in a tight spot Sammy, but we'll make it through."

He absentmindedly patted Sam on the arm.

The girl who freaked out earlier stepped forward, obviously being the spokesperson of the group.

"Uh, excuse me? I-We just wanted to know what was the plan. Stay here and wait for help, or what?"

Dean, thinking quickly said, "We'll just wait here until they get the elevator running again, alright?" He smiled.


That was when the lights shut off.

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