Elevator Devil

After death reverses in South Dakota, and after Bobby kills his late wife, Sam and Dean just want a break from the Apocalypse thing. When a hunt pops up in Rapid City, South Dakota, it seems the perfect way to get back in the business.
{Battle of The Fandoms Entry; Supernatural}


7. Blind Faith

The darkness was stifling as nobody moved, nerves on end for the tell-tale sound of death. What was it exactly, Jessica didn't really know. She was tempted to scream again and had jumped a little when the lights shut off, expecting to be killed any second like the others. She heard a soft gurgle, and something wet splattered her face and she wiped at it with her sleeve. Stupid Christi, trying to spray her water bottle on her just for laughs.

Really it wasn't funny now, this was serious, they were trapped in a elevator!

The lights, quick as they had turned off, turned back on.

Jessica breathed out a sigh of relief that it was like before, a false alarm. Just like Sam had said, it was probably a loose bulb due for a changing.

That was before she looked down.

Jessica could barely contain the scream as everybody else noticed the body on the floor, head nearly severed from neck, blood pouring out at an unimaginable rate. Quickly she checked her sleeves, they were stained with blood, turning the white shirt red.

Jessica tried rubbing the blood off, but only succeeded in smearing it more.

'Who would've thought that so much blood was contained in a person's body?' Jessica thought as she stared uncomprehendingly at the person's long black hair slowly being stained with blood.

She felt the blood start to dry on her face and started to try and scrape it off with her fingernails.

Long black hair?

Jessica felt a drop in her stomach as she scanned her companions, ticking them off mentally one by one. Haro, Christi, Reila, Helios, Sam and Dean.

Who was missing?

Jessica looked again at the blood, tracking its trail back to the person.


Shadow who went on and on about darkness and feelings and pain. Shadow who went to kids fundraisers to spare others the pain he had. Shadow whose way of talking was so ridiculous, what with his directing every sentence to his inner pain, but was so unmistakably Shadow. Shadow who she'd dismissed and never spoke to again.

Now he was dead and Jessica felt the sinking in her chest which she classified as guilt.

Rationally she knew that she had nothing to do with his death, but she couldn't help but feel guilty somehow, for all the tears and pain his family would suffer when they realized he was gone and never coming back.

Jerkily, she stumbled over to the only corner not covered in blood and leaned her head back, looking at the gray ceiling tiles, not caring that it was monotonous and probably boring if she'd been looking at them before.

She couldn't bring herself to care, and kept looking, empty in the way someone feels after a person was dead.

Jessica had been a fan of horror books, laughing at the way characters made ridiculous mistakes one after another. Now, she didn't feel so sure, after all she'd screamed when the elevator had been plunged into darkness and that was Mistake Number One.

Jessica breathed in and out while staring at the ceiling, not looking at the drying pool of blood.


When the lights had shut off this time, Sam noticed, nobody screamed. He thought it was most likely because of the bullshit reason he gave about the bulb being loose.

But this time, he noticed, there was a dead body.

Sam saw it was the black haired kid who had hugged the wall earlier and had all black clothes. He noticed immediately that his neck had been cut and that the head was nearly severed from the neck.

He noticed the pool of blood on the floor and the blood splatters on all the kids' faces. Him and Dean, he noticed, we're the only ones to go unbloodied.

He noticed the girl whom he had just calmed down awkwardly stumble off into the corner, and stare at the ceiling while trying to scratch the blood on her face.

Another girl, this time with glasses, just started gasping and heaving like she was trying to throw up. The kid next to her, who was Chinese looking just went completely silent staring at the boy's body with panicked eyes like he couldn't believe it was happening.

The other two kids, another boy and a girl just gripped each other tighter. Perhaps they were boyfriend and girlfriend Sam thought, over the sound of the girl's heaving.

He tried to ignore the sinking feeling of guilt that he hadn't saved yet another person. He should have tried harder, he should have done something. Beside him, he knew Dean was having the same thoughts.

Hesitantly, Sam said, "I'm sorry. What was his name?"

The kid by the girl with the glasses replied, "Dillon. He liked the name Shadow though."

"Shadow?" Sam said.

"He liked to say that he was goth." Glasses girl said, finally stopping her dry heaving. She then looked again at Dillon's body and looked as if she was about to cry.

"I'm sorry but what are your names?" Dean cut in. Sam glared at him, Dean was always oblivious to other people's feelings unless they were interested in him.

"I'm Haro." The boy said, "Next to me is Christi, and over there in the corner, the guy and girl are Helios and Reila respectively. Over there, in the corner is Jessica."

Jessica? Sam looked back, and sure enough, she was there. He felt like he'd been punched in the chest and had the sudden realization that his life was one big cosmic joke.

He'd failed to save Jess and now he would have to watch as another Jessica who looked like her die as well.

Unless she didn't.

"Why? H-How?" A shaky voice said, drawing Sam's attention. "H-How?" Jessica, helplessly waving a hand in the direction of the floor. She pulled her gaze away from the ceiling to look, with confusion and helplessness.

Sam didn't want to let them know. He remembered how he'd learnt of the monsters and when he first saw one. It gave him nightmares for weeks. He didn't want that for these kids.

But-, he turned his gaze towards the body, they had seen the damage, they deserved to know who had killed their friend.

Sam cleared his throat and everybody turned towards him, expectantly waiting for his answer to Jessica's question.

He faltered, he didn't know how to break this to people. Sam looked at Dean for help. Dean nodded, obviously he had understood Sam.

Dean said, "You know about the stuff about ghosts and vampires? They're real."

Sam could have whacked his forehead. 'There are better ways to put this Dean.'

There was a shocked silence.

"Wait what?"

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