Elevator Devil

After death reverses in South Dakota, and after Bobby kills his late wife, Sam and Dean just want a break from the Apocalypse thing. When a hunt pops up in Rapid City, South Dakota, it seems the perfect way to get back in the business.
{Battle of The Fandoms Entry; Supernatural}


5. Amateurs

"This is the scene of the crime. Last week, one Evelyn Johnson discovered the dead body of Marcus Jackson a mall janitor inside elevator Six. Three days ago, a police officer Melanie Delaney was found dead with her throat slashed in the same elevator while investigating it." Jessica said, smiling at the camera.

"Yes, the authorities have no idea what's going on, they think it is a cult who are trying to instill fear into the public." Haro continued, gesturing at the elevators and the police tape.

"And that's it guys!" Christi smiled through her camera lens, "I think we're pretty much done filming at elevator Six, so all we need to do is go into another elevator and do some speculation on how the whole thing happened. Then we're done!"

"Finally." Helios said, "My radiance is being diminished being in the midst of all the peasants' unwashed bodies."

"You can be in the midst of my body anytime." Reila smirked and slinked over to Helios who flinched away from her touch.

"No! Stay away from me you heathen!" Helios cried, leaning away from Reila's low cut blouse and short skirt.

Admittedly, she was quite pretty, and Helios thought so, if she wasn't a low born much unlike himself.

Also, the way she threw herself at others was just a bit disturbing. Helios didn't say anything though, it would ruin his and his family's reputation if he did anything or said anything untoward to others.

"Don't worry Reila, you can go with me and we can distract ourselves from our inner pain!"

Jessica turned towards Shadow, "Shadow, I know that you have your inner pain and emotionally scarring, traumatic memories, and I understand that. But really, could we just get on with the project so we can all get 'A's and I never have to work with you again?"

She turned to Haro, "Except you and Christi, I like you guys."

Helios said, "What makes you so disinterested towards my illustrious self?" He gestured up and down his body.

Jessica shouldered her shoulder bag and looked at Helios, "And you wonder why..."

Haro decided to pipe up at this moment, "Guys, guys?"

Helios looked down at him, or tried his best to, they were about the same height, "Yes?"

"Don't you think we should go to the top floor so we can see the security tapes and ask them if we can use them in our report? It would make it better, wouldn't it?"

Helios paused. "Yes, it would make it better." He smiled and lightly touched Haro on the shoulder, the first action he did towards him that wasn't posturing or aggressive. "You've done well, even for one who has strayed from the path of our glorious Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour of us all."

And then he ruined it.

"Really Helios, you just can't let that go can you?" Jessica said, crossing her arms. "It doesn't matter that Haro is gay, okay?"

Helios raised an eyebrow, "Yes it does, it means that he is an, an...abomination!" He made a face at the last word and whispered it as if he was afraid he would be stricken down for his saying of it.

"Look, just because he has a sexual orientation that you don't like, doesn't mean you can just call him things like that!" Jessica protested, glaring at Helios' horrified face.

"Enough!" Christi jumped in, holding her arms up between them, "Stop it! You've done nothing but bicker the whole way through, and I'm through! Let's just go and get this over with!"

She clicked her camera shut and shoved it into its case. Christi then spun around on her heel and headed towards elevator One, inclining her head towards Haro and Reila, "Come on guys."

Jessica sighed, she wanted this whole thing done as well, but Helios was so aggravating!

She sighed again and adjusted her clipboard under her arm and followed them, not looking back to see if Helios was coming.


“Why are so many people interested in 25% off bikinis that practically make you look naked?” Sam thought aloud as they passed a wild crowd of crazy shoppers fighting for skimpy pieces of Victoria’s Secret fabric.

“Price doesn't matter as long as I get to see them wearing it. Semicolon bracket." Dean replied, eyeing a petite blonde girl in tight short shorts.

Sam craned his head to face Dean and replied, “Why did you just say an emoji out loud?”

“Don’t hate dude, okay? It’s the new ‘in’ thing nowadays. Like skimpy bikinis in Victoria’s Secret.” He gave Sam a goofy grin, “I love me some skimpy bikinis.”

"Look, we have to see the security tapes okay? It might give us a clue to who or what did this."

"Alright Sherlock, let's go."

They both headed to the nearest elevator.

There were five teenagers that joined Sam and Dean in the lift, one of the girls holding a video camera and another holding a clipboard.

Sam stopped in his tracks and stared at the girl with the clipboard. It was the girl he saw earlier that looked so oddly similar to Jessica.

“Earth to Sam?” Dean chuckled and pressed the elevator button.

The doors smoothly slid shut and there was an awkward silence as the teenagers shuffled around, talking in hushed whispers to each other.


The alarm button started flashing a bright red and the lift screeched to a sudden stop.

“Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Jessica murmured under her breath, clutching the clipboard with clammy hands. She had told them about this. Jessica gazed upwards, wishing and praying to whoever heard her that she wanted to be at the animal shelter right now.

“Dean, I really think we shouldn't be here.” Sam hesitantly reached for his pouch of Holy Water in his pocket.
“Well of course we shouldn't be here!” Dean hissed, also reaching for his flask and knife. "We're supposed to be at the security floor by now!"


"Next time, I don't care if you whine, we're taking the stairs!"


"What?!" Dean shouted, glaring at Sam.

"There's civilians here." Sam gestured at the teenagers that joined them, including the girl Sam had been staring at earlier.

"Oh, Jesus friggen Christ. Why can't we have an easy salt and burn?" Dean muttered.

A girl with hipster glasses took a step towards them, "Look, I don't know what's making you so grr today, but chillax, the techies will get the elevator running soon enough. Calm down."

That was when the lights flickered out and Dean had enough time to think 'Oh FUCK.'


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