You cast the spell

Harry has finally defeated voldemort. Hogwarts is shut down repairing all the damage done. Ron and Hermoinie are off on a summer romance but Harry has no where to go until Draco comes along. What will happen?!


2. You cast the spell chapter 1

Harry's POV:

The battle is finally over. Voldemort is dead at last, But as Hogwarts lies mainly in ashes with the dead all being moved into the great hall I sit and wonder what is to become of us. I love Ginny I know that much but I can't help but notice how Draco is sitting huddled in the corner. Knees tucked into his chest as his mother and father have convinced him to leave the death eaters. He's walking off by the time I muster up the power to take my eyes off of him. Ron is sitting across the room with Hermoine comforting him. 


What am I to do? I slide further down the wall and lean my head back, a hiss escaping my lips as my head touches the cold wall and I see the blood running down. “well at least he’s dead” I look up only to see that George is in front of me. "We should really get professor McGonagall to tend to your head Harry, you might still have a concussion” He says joining me on the floor. “I will, just there are other seriously injured who need the help more than I, I survived being a human Horcrux” I say looking at him with a smile. Mrs Weasley walks up to us. “Harry you can stay with us until you get on your feet” Mrs Weasley says sweetly. “Thanks Mrs Weasley I don’t want to be a burden but thank you” I say before she walks across the room and starts talking to Ron and Hermoine. “Well I better go and check on them too” George says getting up. “ okay mate see you later” I say bring my knees to my chest. I let a sigh out and then notice Ginny talking to Draco before she starts walking towards me. 

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