L'amour de Dieu

Meet Phoebe Doe, your everyday clerical guardian. Many people don't take the role of being someone constantly on the defensive seriously, they believe the role of taking the hits of life as being weak.

This is Phoebe's story.


1. The Doe Family

"Naturally it'll hurt, in life there will always be pain...

so there's no point in being a butthole about it."

~ Cornecius, Phoebe's B.B (Big Brother).


My Father once told me that for every fall in life, there will be a fracture in the back of your mind, for every fracture an enlightenment that reminds you more and more of how vulnerable you are as a human; How easy it is to screw up when you give in, against your better judgement.

The Doe Family prides itself on appearing to others as mysterious and elusive individuals, along with holy. For generations the Doe family has believed in God, creator of the heavens, Earth and all else we have accepted him into our lives as a stabilizing anchor, whenever we are sad, angry or anything else we go to him to consult our problems. As a result, not only do we appear mysterious to strangers but to family, many times I'd look upon my siblings and wonder what it was that went on in their minds, not that we didn't talk, or ever confided in each other, I suppose it's because I was young, I was curious.

Grace. Self-Discipline and above all else Love. They were the three things that the Doe family instilled into its members and then there was the fortification.

The fortification involved rigorous training, whether it was studying, martial arts or any other trivial task we were taught and tested on. The point of it all wasn't just for the sole sake of the family's pride but to encourage the individual to go beyond their limits, and excel in whatever they set their mind too. 

If you're curious I was skilled in a small variety of things. Archery, ballet, singing, speaking french, spanish, and English(the Doe family spoke its own language...) , writing poetry, gymnastics, tap dancing, and fishing.

Then there was the basic, mandatory skills that every female in the Doe family was taught to possess: Cooking, Baking, Sewing, Cleaning and Self- Grooming. Personally I've always been reluctant to cook, not that I don't like too- I've always seen it as some kind of scientific experiment- I just don't like prepping the ingredients (Which is why I became a vegetarian a few years later), I've never been able to get past the fact that we were basically eating dead animals, though fish was acceptable(I don't know why but I love cooked fish) for some reason. 

The Doe family was split into three branches. Bark, Leaf and Amber. 

The Bark branch consisted of people who specialized in combat, construction basically physical stuff. Most people from the bark branch are born with dark skin, brunette hair and brown eyes. My Father's side of the family is from this branch.

The Leaf branch consists of people that specialize in the medicinal field, mostly women who make the most exquisite food(My Mom's side of the family are from this branch) , people from this branch are mostly blonde, red heads with beryl green eyes and darker than light skin tone. 

Then there's Amber. The branch of people who have phenomenal spiritual affinities, blessed with powers beyond human understanding(My Father's from this branch). Members are born with colorful hairstyles that defy normal the four normal basic hair types, the same can be said for eye color but the skin type is completely normal. There's no specific skin type for this branch. Originally very few members belonged here its population suddenly spiking in the last twenty years. The mystery as to why is unknown, many elders in the family think it has something to do with the rise of witchcraft in the outerworld. 

The last thing you should know about the Doe family is that we live in isolation. In the beginning we lived spread throughout Doe mountain but eventually we expanded out onto the land around us, and eventually to the whole world it became something known as Doe state which was then later changed to Theophili.



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