Jennifer Nelson

A once popular girl at school who gets into an advanced academy. She soon realizes that something different about her. She soon finds out the truth about herself. But how much will this affect her?


1. The New Girl

I ran to the bus stop as my friends, Thalia and Timothy, tried to keep up with me.

“What's the rush, Jenny,” Thalia girl said.

“Today Mrs. Clark said we get to to the Technology/Science/Art Academy today,” I said while stopping.

“The thing I am excited about is that that the last day of school is next week on a Tuesday,” said Timothy.

“The reason why I am so excited about the field trip is that I got excepted to the academy,” I replied.

“Oh right you did, but that's because you know how to play the right cards, and you are practically perfect,” Timothy retorted.

“I'm am not perfect, and I can assure you that that I don't play cards.” I said as the bus came into sight.

Once it stopped everyone got onto the bus and sat down it left the bus stop. Five minutes later of riding on the bus we got to school. The bus stopped, and the students stood up on their feet.

Getting off the bus I could see a crowd around a new girl, and she was talking about something that interested them. And I just walked to the crowd while listening.

“. . . And then my Daddy was like no you can't do that. And by the way my family lives in the largest mansion in town.” The girl finished as the people around her were whispering amongst themselves.

Everyone turned around just in time to see me, and they all greeted with smiles or hellos.

“Who are you,” the new girl asked.

“I am Jennifer Nelson, but I usually go by Jenny,” I said while holding my hand out for her to shake.

“What makes you think I want to touch you, and by the way I am Whitney Richardson. And by the way my Daddy knows your Daddy.” Whitney said quite snobbish.

I put down my hand and I walked away with Timothy following me, and Thalia stayed to listen to the snobby new girl.

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