Ex Best Friend

"Nicole! Oh my god, I missed you so much! How's life been?" Michael asked as he smiled and sat down next to me.
"Just fine actually. Until you showed back up."


3. "Welcome Home?!"

Nicole's POV

   Everyone looked at me with wide eyes, trying to comprehend what I just said. I looked at Michael and he looked so hurt. Well he should because he clearly didn't care about me for two years. Calum then laughed and said 

"Nicole you're so funny." He said thinking I was joking around. 

"Stop laughing Cal." I said getting pissed off. 

"What did I do to you to make you say this to me?" Michael said putting his hand on my shoulder and rubbing circles into it. I stood up and said 

"Nothing!!! Can we just go already so I can drop you guys off and I can go back home?" 

"Ok." Luke said as he got up, followed by everyone else. 

   I took the lead and led them all to my car. They put all there bags in the trunk and we got in. Kylie, Ella and I got in the front, while the boys squeezed in the back. I turned the car on and headed to Michael's house since they were all spending the night there. Then I turned the radio on and She Looks so Perfect came on. I just sighed and changed the channel while Ashton yelled 

"Hey I actually liked that band! Why did you change it?" 

"Shut up Ash." I said laughing.

    When we arrived at the house we all got out and helped the boys with there bags. As we entered we heard people yell "Welome Home" as the lights got turned on and all there moms were here. Also a lot of other people were here that I didn't know. All the boys ran over to there moms and gave them hugs. Then when Michael's mom saw me and she walks over to me and says 

"Oh my god! Nicole! I haven't seen you in forever! How have you been sweetheart?" 

"Um I'm ok I guess." I said as Michael starred at us. 

"Well what's everyone waiting for?! Let's start eating cake!" Ashton's mom said as everyone left the room. 

   Everyone headed to the kitchen except Ashton. When the room was completely clear Ashton walks over to me and said 

"What's wrong?" 

"Nothing." I said as I tried to leave the room. 

   Ashton grabs my arm and pulls me back to him as I look up to him to see he had a worried face. He then says 

"Seriously what's wrong? Why were you so mean to Michael? I mean we just got back from being gone for so long and you act that way toward your best friend?"

"Ash I really don't wanna talk about it right now. You wouldn't understand anyway. I did miss you guys so fucking much though. By the way welcome home." I said as I hugged him. 

"I missed you more, he said pulling away, How's the situation with your parents going? We left at like the worst time and I really didn't want to leave you here but I had no choice." 

"It's pretty much the same, I said as I put my arm around Ash, Let's go get some cake!" 

    As we got a slice of cake we sat down with everyone and all I could think about was that I lied to Ash. I've never done that before. The situation with my parents have gotten worse. See my mom has a boyfriend name Mitch and when I first met him he was super nice. After a few months I noticed that he started acting strange. He would yell and push my mom for no reason what so ever. I didn't get involved because I really didn't know what they were fighting about. Then when they were together for about 6 months I started to notice bruises on my mom. Everytime I asked her what happened she said she fell.

   I saw new bruises probably every week and I know damn well she didn't get those bruises from felling. When I confronted him about it he started yelling at me. He almost hit me but I ran into my room and called the cops. He served a couple weeks in jail and then he was released. When the boys left for tour, he was not only hitting my mom but also hitting me. I tried to fight back but I soon learned that if I did that it would make it worse for my mom and I. The only time he doesn't hurt us is when I have friends over. 

   Most of my bruises are on my stomach, back and legs. I haven't told anyone because he said if I did he would kill my mom. When I snapped back in to reality I realized everyone was outside swimming. I threw away my plate and slide the door open walking outside. I then heard Calum say 

"Nicole come in with us! Don't worry we don't bite!" 

"Ok let me go change!" I said running back into the house and up to Michael's room. 

   Since we were such best of friends I always left a swim suit here just in case I forgot mine. I quickly put it on and put my hair up in a bun as I looked at my body in the mirror. The burises weren't that visable so I grabbed a towel and headed back outside where they were playing some kind of ball game. I jumped in and the teams were Kylie, Luke, Calum and Ella. Then it was me, Michael and Ashton. I then said 

"This isn't fair! You guys have four players and we only have three!" 

"Are you scared were gonna beat you?" Luke said. 

"Fine! GAME ON!" I yelled and we started the game. 

   I quickly figured out of to play and it was basically like volleyball but in the water. About an hour later our team's were tied. It was Kylie's turn to serve next. She hits the ball over and Michael's hits it back barely. It almost went out of bounds but he got it. Then Ella hits it and I look up and see it coming straight for me. I jump out of the water and slam the ball to the other side splashing the other team. I look over to see that they missed the ball and it as floating on top of the water which mean't we WON! 

  Out of habit I hugged Michael and he hugs back. I realize what I did and pull away and look around to see everyone starring at us. Seriously what's with everyone starring at Michael and I all the time? I then say 

"Who wants to go get ice cream? 

   Everyone says "me" and we all get out of the pool. By now the party was dying down and it was about 8pm. I change into my regular clothes and meet everyone in the kitchen. Ella then says 

"Who's riding with who?" 

"Well I need to take my car because after we have ice cream I need to head home. How about the boys ride together and Kylie and Ella can go with me, then I can take you guys home." I said.

   Everyone agrees and I hop in the car, starting it up. We drive to the nearest ice cream place which was called "Flavors". When we almost get there Ella says

"Calum is so fucking hot." Kylie and I laugh, then I say

"Talk to him when we get to the ice cream place! Get to know him and maybe he'll start to like you. Then you guys could go on dates and such." I said finishing my sentence as we arrive at the place. I park the car and we all get out, heading into the place. We all order shakes and sat down at a round table together. Everyone started sipping on there shakes and talking. I looked around the table an I see Ella flirting with Calum, Luke and Kylie cuddling together, Ashton on the phone texting someone then there was Michael and I. 

    Not talking or looking at each other at all. I watch as Michael leaves to go to the bathroom and come back. Ashton then says 

"I need a girlfriend. Luke you have Kylie, Calum you have Ella, then well.. Nicole and Michael have each other. I have no one." He said fake crying. 

"Aww Ash it's ok. You have me." Kylie said giving him a hug. 

    We all laugh and the boys started talking about all the cool places they went to and people they met. I honestly didn't want to hear about this so I got my phone out and played a game on it. After a few hours went by I looked at the time and it was 10pm!! I have to be home before 10pm everynight or else. 

"Guys we need to go now. I have to get home." I said getting up from the table. 

"Awww don't be a party pooper!" Luke says getting up also. 

    The girls and I saw goodbye to the boys then hop into the car. I start it up and head to Ella's house which was like 5 minutes from the ice cream shop. I pull into her drive way and Ella and Kylie both get out. I guess Kylie is spending the night at her house tonight. Kylie then hands me a piece of paper, hugs me and gets out. I wave goodbye to them as I pull onto the road and head home, well more like prison if you ask me. As I reached my house I park my car into the driveway and I open the note. It said

"I don't know what I did to make you mad at me, but I'm sorry. I did keep one promise though. Remember when I promised I wouldn't be gone forever? Well I'm back now and I need you to tell me what I did so I can fix this. Even though you won't talk to me, I'll always be here for you. -Your Still Best Friend." 

  I smiled and a tear rolls down my face as I fold the paper. I wiped away the tears and got out of my car. I opened the the door to my house an sat my bag on the ground as I entered the living room. I looked up from the ground and saw Mitch standing in the middle of the room with a belt in his hand. He stretched the belt and said

"You're late." 

Michael's POV 

  When the boys an I arrived back at the house, we all went up to my room and sat down. After everything that happened today, I had no words to say. I don't know what I did to Nicole to make her hate me but I need to fix this. She's still my best friend in the whole wide world. As Calum turned on my PS3 I turned to Ashton and said 

"What did I do wrong? We just got back from tour and Nicole hates me!" 

"She doen't hate you. I don't know why she acted that way but I know she doesn't hate you. You are her best friend since like forever." Ashton said smiling. 

"How do I fix this?" I said as I lied down on my bed.

"I don't know. Buy her chocolates or maybe something she would like to do. For example: Going to the movies or to a theme park. You just need to figure out what she likes because I'm pretty sure she doesn't like the same things as she did 2 years ago." 

   Ashton then got up from my bed and walked over to the other boys to play video games with them. I have no clue what she likes! I mean I haven't seen her in like 2 years or so. Her birthday is coming up in like a month and I have to get the perfect gift for her. I just don't know what that is yet. 

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