Ex Best Friend

"Nicole! Oh my god, I missed you so much! How's life been?" Michael asked as he smiled and sat down next to me.
"Just fine actually. Until you showed back up."


5. "Ranch Adventures."

Nicole's POV

*Beep, Beep*

     My suddenly phone went off on my night stand next to me. I looked at my clock and it was 11am in the morning. Who the hell is messaging me at this time of day. I grabbed my phone and clicked on the message. It was from Ashton and it said 

"Get your ass up Nicole! I have to look after my aunt's farm today because they are out of town and I'm bringing everyone with me. I don't wanna be bored while I am there." 

"I am good! Go without me!" I replied. 

"Too Late! I already picked everyone up and we are heading to your house now! We will be there in 20 minutes! Love ya." Ashton replied. 

    Ugh why does he do this to me? I hopped out of bed and quickly put on some regular jeans, tee shirt and some boots. Then I went into the bathroom to do my busincess. When I walked back into my room, I heard my step dad walked into the house. Great. I grabbed my purse and jacket and walked downstairs into the livng room. Mitch was sitting on his chair with a beer in his hand. When he saw me he said 

"Where do you think your going?" 

"I'm going out with my friends." I said keeping my distance from him. 

"You aren't going anywhere." Mitch said as he took a sip of his beer. 

"Um yes I am. You can't fucking stop me." I said as I heard Ashton pull into the driveway. 

    Before Mitch could say anything, I ran out of the living room to the front door. I opened the door and ran over to Ashton's van. I got in the third row and I saw that Ashton was driving and Calum was in the passanger seat. Kylie an Luke were sitting next to each other in the second row, and you can guess who was in the back. Ashton pulled out of the drive way and onto the road. 

"So how big is your aunt's farm Ashton?" Calum asked. 

"Well to be honest it's more of a ranch. It has some animals on it and a huge back yard with a fountain. They also have a grape farm, in which they make wine with." Ashton said. 

"So that means we can drink some wine?" Calum asked smiling. 

"Maybe." Ashton said laughing. 

    Ashton then turned on some music and I looked out the window as we pasted fields of crops. I then felt an arm go around my shoulders and I turned to Michael. He just smiled at me and looked out the window. I smiled and cuddled up to Michael's warm body. I don't know but this just felt right. Before I knew it I drifted off to sleep and then was suddenly woken up. It felt like I only slept for 2 minutes. I looked out the window and saw Ashton's aunt's ranch house. It was two stories and it had vines growing on it everywhere. Everyone then got out behide me and looked up to the house as well.

"Ashton this place is beauitful! Kylie said. 

"Not as beauitful as you." Luke said as his cheeks turned red.

"GET A ROOM." Michael yelled from the van. 

    I hit Michael on his shoulder and shook my head. Ashton walked toward the door and everyone followed behide him. We entered into a huge entrance room with a very high ceiling. In front of you were two stair cases leading up to the second floor. 

"Follow me guys! I'll show you where everyone is sleeping." Ashton said. 

   We walked up to the second floor and Ashton pointed to each room. The first room on the right was Calum and Luke's room. Across from that room was Kylie and I's room. Then next to us was Ashton's and Michael's. Kylie and I walked into our room and it had two beds with a  huge closest. Connected to it was a bathroom for only us. Thank god because I didn't want to share a bathroom with the boys. They can get pretty sloppy. As we sat our bags onto our beds, Ashton busted the door opened and said 

"Get your swimming suits on! We are all going swimming!" 

I then turned to Kylie and said "Can this place get any better?" 

"Probably." Kylie said laughing. 

    I opened my bag and grabbed my yellow and green swimming suit. I quickly changed into it and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. When Kylie got done, we went down the stairs and out the back door. In the garden was a huge pool with a diving board and slide. I saw that Ashton and Calum were already in the pool. Then out of no where I heard someone scream 

"3, 2 AND, 1" 

   Suddenly I was picked up and was throughen into the pool along with Kylie. When I got to the surface I looked over and saw that Michael and Luke threw Kylie and I into the pool. I smiled and went to the edge of the pool and said 

"Michael grab my hand. I need help out." 

   When he grabbed my hand I smirked and pulled him into the pool. That should teach him. When he got to the surface, his face looked shocked. He then started laughing and then started splashing me. Kylie defended me and Luke defended Michael. After everyone got involved it was Kylie and I vs the boys. 

"Hey this isn't fair!" Kylie said. 

"To bad sweetheart." Luke said as he smirked and pulled Kylie under water. 

    After we all settled down, I got out of the water and sat down on the lawn chair. Michael got out behide me and sat next to me. I looked at him and I had to say, he had a very nice body. His arms were really muscular and his shoulders were very bold. No..Nicole stop this right now!! He is one of your oldest best friends. You can not think about him like that. 

"Nicole? Hello? Nicole?" 

   I got out of my day dream and realized I was starring at michael. Oh....shit. 

"Sorry." I said as I looked at the ground. 

"Are you ever gonna tell me why you hate yourselve?" Michael asked concerned.

"Not at this moment. But I will soon." I lied.

"Ok guys! Let's go look at the grape farm!" Ashton said to everyone. 

    I wrapped a towel around me and walked back into the house and up to my room. I quickly put on some shorts and a plain tee shirt. When Kylie was ready, we walked back down and out the back door, where we met the boys. We followed Ashton down this path, through the woods until we came to a clearing. The only thing you could see for miles were just grapes. When we got close to them, I picked one off and ate it. It was really rich and delicious. As we walked through the field, Ashton talked a little about the past history but I honestly wasn't listening. Then Kylie said

"When do we get to drink some wine?" 

"OH my god!! What did you just say Kylie? Where did my innocent Kylie go?!" I said as I faked cried into Michael's shoulder. 

"Shut up!" Kylie said sticking her tongue out at me. 

"Ok guys calm down. Follow me back to the house." Ashton said directing us back to the house. 

     By now the wind started to pick up and I got goosebumps all over my body. I grabbed Michael and pushed my body against his. His body was so warm and comforable to me. When we got to the house we walked down to the basement and Ashton grabbed a bottle of wine. We all sat down as he grabbed glasses for everyone. He fulled one for each of us and then hit his glass with a fork. How classy Ashton. 

"Ok guys I wanted to make a speech real quick! I thank everyone who came here with me. I really didn't want to come here alone. I love you all very much and I wouldn't want to lose any  of you. You guys are the best!" 

"CHEERS!" Everyone said at the same time as we hit our glasses together. 

"So guys, tell us a little about the tour!" I said. 

"Well first off, I wanna say it was the greatest thing to happen to us! It was a great experience to go on tour with One Direction. We went to a lot of places and the fans were amazing, especially the groupies." Michael said. 

I pinched Michael and said "You guys had groupies?" I said looking at Kylie. 

"Well it more of Calum who had the groupies." Ashton said. 

"You had groupies!!!" Kylie said looking at Luke and then getting up, moving next to me. 

"No...I....I didn't have any groupies!" Luke said starting to get upset. 

"Whatever!" Kylie said starting to tear up and then left the basement.

"Nooo Kylie wait!" Luke said about to get up. 

"Let her be Luke. She won't want to talk to any of you after this for awhile. To be honest, i don't even want to talk to any of you right now. Groupies are just fucking sluts right? They don't want nothing BUT sex. I thought I knew you guys, but I guess I don't. Have fun down here, I'm going up to my room." I said as I left the basement and went to my room. 

       When I got to our room, Kylie was on the floor crying. I grabbed her and just held her. After a few minutes, she stopped and sat on the bed. I sat next to her, waiting for her to say something. She then turned to me and said 

"Why would they do that?" 

"They are teenage boys Kylie, Did you really think they wouldn't do this? But trust me, I know Luke wouldn't do that. He is not like that and you know it. He's still that awkward, shy and kind guy you met in freshmen year."

*Backward to freshmen year* 

     Kylie and I became friend's in middle school and we hit if off right from the start. I was pretty much friends with everyone one and I was a very straight forward person. Kylie on the other hand, not very much. She was shy and awkward. The first day of freshmean year was probably Kylie's best day ever and you could probably figured out why.

"Omg I am so nervous! How do I look?" Kylie asked me freaking out in front of the front doors of the high school.

"You look fine Kylie, chill the fuck out! We have first period today which is science so it won't be that bad. I'm gonna grab my books out of my locker and I'll met you there ok?"

"Ok." Kylie said as she held her notebook to her chest and walked off. 

   When I got to my locker, I grabbed my science book and walked to science class. I walked into a few classrooms, which wasn't the right one but thank god I wasn't the only one who was getting lost. When I finally got to the right class, I saw Kylie was already here. I sat next to her in the back row an settled myself in. After all the kids got settled in, the teacher came in and introducted himself. Today we were gonna do a experiment so thankfully we wouldn't have homework on the first day of school.

   As the teacher was finishing up the door opened and a boy entered. He had blond hair and blue eyes. When he realized he was late and everyone was starring at him, his cheeks got red. 

"Ahhh Mr Hemmings. I'm assuming you got lost?" Mr Bulter said. 

"Yeah...I..did." He slowly said the words. 

"Alright, well you can take a sit next to Kylie. Since you got lost thats the only sit we have open and she's also your partner for today. Nicole your partner is Billy." He said as he keep naming names off for who was with who today. 

     I looked at Kylie and she just had her face on her desk. I assumed she was trying not to make eye contact with the Hemming's boy. When the teacher finished we all got to our assigned tables and started. I really wanted to be with Kylie but Billy was really nice and smart so I didn't mind. As we were in the middle of our experiment, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Kylie. 

"Hey Kylie! Hows the Hemming's boy? He's super cute!" I said. 

"I don't know! We haven't said one word to each other." Kylie said. 

"OH my god, stop being so scared! I'm gonna go talk to him for you!" I said as I got up. 

    Kylie keep saying no but I igorned her. When I got to the Hemming's boy I said 

"Hi I'm Nicole! What's your name?" 

"I'm Luke." Luke said as he looked at the floor. 

"Oh my god, no wonder you guys won't talk to each other! You and Kylie are just alike, wait you are are perfect for each other. By the way, I'm Kylie's best friend and if you hurt her in any way I will kill you. Ok I'm gonna go get Kylie. Be right back!" I said as I went back over to Kylie and grabbed her hand. I dragged her over to Luke and said 

"Luke this is Kylie, Kylie this is Luke. There, I broke the awkward tension for guys! Now can you guys just talk to each other!" 

    I smiled and walked back over to Billy. We quickly finished our experiment and I turned my head to Kylie and they were actually talking to each other. Wow I'm such a good friend! At the end of the day, I waited outside for Kylie, and to my surprise Luke and Kylie walked out together. And not only did they walk out together, they were giggling and laughing together. When they got to me I said 

"You better not be trying to steal Kylie from me Luke." 

"Oh, never! Kylie is just such a sweet girl!" Luke said blushing. 

"Awww you are to Luke." Kylie said smiling. 

"Ok love birds calm yourself. Luke I need to take Kylie now, but we will see you tomorrow!" 

*Forward to the present* 

"You are so right Nicole. Luke would never do that." Kylie said laying on the bed. 

"Well I am so ready for bed. We will talk to the boys tomorrow. Hopefully they don't think we hate them." I said as I got under the covers.. 

"I don't think they do. Ok goodnight, love you!" Kylie said hopping in her bed. 

"Love you more." I said as I drifted off to sleep.


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