Ex Best Friend

"Nicole! Oh my god, I missed you so much! How's life been?" Michael asked as he smiled and sat down next to me.
"Just fine actually. Until you showed back up."


1. "Plot."

          Michael hadn't seen his best friend of 13 years since his band blew up. It was hard seeing her when they were just famous around Australia, but after leaving with One Direction, he never saw Nicole; he hardly even had time for texting or calling anyone except his mom. They became friends because MIchael and Nicole's mom's were best friends and everytime they hung out, Nicole's mom brought Nicole with her. Ever since then they'd been joined at the hip.

          But now that his band was taking a three or so month break from touring and he was back at home, Nicole just didn't want anything to do with him anymore and while she said she didn't care that he's been gone for so long, he couldn't understand what else could upset her so much. He was just so excited to see his best friend but she wants nothing to do with her ex best friend. 

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