Ex Best Friend

"Nicole! Oh my god, I missed you so much! How's life been?" Michael asked as he smiled and sat down next to me.
"Just fine actually. Until you showed back up."


2. "He's Back."

Nicole's POV

"So haven't you heard the news?" My best friend Kylie asked as she sipped on her strawberry banana shake. 

"What news?" I asked as I checked my phone for text messages. 

"He's back in town, well they're back in town." 

"Who's him?" I asked getting impatient. 

"Michael is back in town! Also Ashton, Luke and Calum are to but aren't you excited to see him? I sure missed them alot!" Kylie said as she starred at me. 

"Um...yeah...sure." I lied. 

    To be honest I've missed all them goof balls but not Michael. See MIchael and I have been friend's for 13 years and we were really close. After their band got discovered, they left with One Direction to go on tour, well two tours actually. Between those two tours they went to LA so I haven't seen them for about two years. Michael didn't text or call me at all! It was like I fall off the face of this earth. 

   I understand they were busy but if he was really my "Best Friend" he would have found a way to contact me. I don't understand how he think's he can come back into my life and think everything's fine because it's not. The day he left was the most heartbreaking day of my life. I still remember it very clear. 

***2 years ago***

"Nicole I'll be at your house in about 2 minutes then we gotta meet them at the airport. Hope you're ready to say goodbye to them because I'm surely not." Kylie text me. 

    I pulled my earphones out and went over to my computer desk. I grabbed the envelope I was gonna give to Michael and walked into the kitchen. My sister Desi was on the phone fighting with her boyfriend as usual. I sighed an grabbed me a bottle of water and opened it. As I took a sip, I heard a honk outside. When I got to the front door Desi said 

"Where you going?" 

"Does it matter?" I asked sarcastically. 

    She just rolled her eyes and continued talking on the phone. As I stepped outside, I looked at the sky and there were dark clouds everywhere. It looks like there's gonna be a bad storm. I hopped into Kylie's car and I looked over to her to see she was in tears. My heart automatically broke because her and Luke were in love with each other. Well more like skinny love because they are both to shy to admit that they love each other. I reached over to her and gave her a tight hug. I then pulled away and said 

"Cheer up buttercup! Everything will be ok."

   She half smiled and back out of my drive way. After we endured a couple minutes of traffic we arrived at the airport. We parked at the drop off area and ran inside. When we arrived at the restaurant they said they would be at and I saw them all sitting at a round table. Kylie and I ran over to them and I went straight to Michael. Before he could say anything I hugged him tight. As I rested my head on his shoulder I looked over and saw Kylie hugging Luke. I could tell she was in so much pain. 

   I'm that type of person who doesn't get upset real easy. In this situation, I know they'll be back in a couple months and everything will go back to normal. Michael pulled away and he looked at me with the biggest smile. He then said 

"I'm glad you guys could make it." 

"We wouldn't miss it for the world." I said as we sat down at the table. 

"So where are you guys headed anyway?" Kylie asked. 

"We're going to LA to meet One Direction and there management. Then we're suppose to practice our songs at a studio for a couple weeks and then we're headed on tour with them. Hopefully people like us." Ashton said. 

"Of coarse people will like you, you guys are amazing. Are you sure a couple weeks is enough time to practice for the tour?" I asked worriedly. 

"Yeah it should be enough time. I mean I still can't believe we're going on tour with the biggest band in the world. We'll get to go to so many places!" Calum said excitedly. 

  I smiled and before I could speak there plane was called to start boarding people. All the boys looked at each other and grabbed there bags from under the table. We followed them to boarding and when we got there they all turned toward Kylie and I. 

"Well give us hugs guys! I mean unless you don't like us anymore." All the boys said laughing trying to lighten the mood. 

   I looked at Kylie and I went over to Ashton. He grabbed me and hugged me, bringing me off the ground. When he finally let me down he said 

"Remember to be good and don't get into trouble!" 

"I'll try not to but I'm not making any promises." I said laughing. 

   Next I went to Calum and he looked like he was about to burst into tears. I wrapped my arms around his neck and said

"You guys will be fine, I promise." 

"I'll miss you a lot Nicole." Calum said pulling away. 

"I'll miss you more." I said as I walked to Luke next. 

   I looked at Luke and he had the biggest smile, trying to hide that he was about to cry. Luke always manages to look so adorable somehow. I hugged him and whispered in his ear

"You gotta tell Kylie that you like her when you come back." 

"I can't do that and wait, how did you know I liked her? I didn't tell anyone." Luke asked confused. 

"You guys make it so obvious, yet somehow nether one of you will say anything! Stop being a wuss." I said laughing. 

"I'll think about it." Luke said as I shook my head in disapprove. 

    Finally it was time to say goodbye to Michael. I walked over to him and waited as Kylie finished talking to him. When they were done, Michael gave me a hug and in that moment I broke down crying. I could literally feel my heart breaking into two. Michael pulled away and whipped the tears from my eyes and said

"I'm not gonna be gone forever." 

"No, but it'll feel like forever." I said.

"We'll stay in contact and I've even get you a souvenir from LA ok?" Michael said holding my head in his hands. 

"Promise?" I said. 

"Promise." He said pulling me in for another hug. 

    After I calmed down we said our last goodbyes. We watched as they gave the girl their ticket and boarded the plane. As Kylie and I headed back to the car, I realized I didn't give Michael his envelope. I quickly ran back to where they boarded and up to the girl and said

"Hi sorry for interrupting but I forgot to give my friend something. Can you give it to him please? His name's Michael and he has blue hair. You can't miss him." 

"Sure thing." She said as I handed her the envelope. 

"Thank you.." I said as I got back to Kylie and we left. 

Michael's POV

     The boys and I boarded the plane and we got to our assigned seats. I'm gonna miss Nicole and Kylie so much. I got the window seat and Ashton sat next to me. Luke and Calum sat with each on the other side of the aisle. I but my seat belt on and looked out the window, hoping everything will go fine. 

"Excuse me but are you Michael?" A voice said to the left of me. 

   I turned my head and saw the same girl that ripped our tickets out front. I then said 

"Yeah I'm Michael, who's asking?" 

"Your friend gave me this to give to you. She forgot to give it to you." The girl said as she handed me an envelope and left. 

     I grabbed it from her and quickly ripped it open. In it was a letter and a friendship bracelet. I smiled and I put the bracelet on my right wrist. Then I opened the letter and it said 

"Dear Michael, 

     I wanna start off by saying I'm gonna miss you and the boys so much. I hope you guys have fun and hopefully one day you guys will be big and you'll be having your own tours. Just don't have to much fun without me. I really don't know what I'm gonna do without you here. Who's gonna be here for Movie Mondays with me? But in all just rock your hearts out and don't forget where you're from and the people that you left behide. I'll see you soon and don't forget to text and call me! 


Your Best Friend

P.S Hope you like the bracelet." 


Nicole's POV

"Nicole!! Hello? Earth to Nicole!" Kylie said waving her hands in front of my face. 

"Sorry I must have been dreaming or something." I said as I looked at my phone and I had a notification from twitter. I clicked on it and it was a tweet from Michael saying how he can't wait until he got back home. 

"It's fine. I was mostly talking to myself anyway but do you wanna go pick up Bella and then head to the airport to meet the boys?" Kylie asked as I looked up from my phone.

"Do I have a choice?" I said quietly.

"What? Never mind I take that as a yes so let's go!" Kylie said getting up. 

   I quickly grabbed my purse and threw away my cup. I got in my car and started it up while turning on the radio. I pulled out of the smoothie place and headed to Bella's house. The whole time we listened to some talk show on the radio and all they talked about was 5sos. Just mostly how they're coming back home for a break and such. Since they went on tour with One Direction they have became famous. I just hope that fame hasn't changed them in anyway. 

   When we pulled up to Bella's house, she was on the front steps waiting for us. Bella is Kylie and I's newest friend. She's really nice and we all actually became friends because of 5sos. She's not a crazy fan or anything like that. She isn't our friend to get close to the boys, she's actually really chill. Her favorite is Calum though. Bella hopped in the car and we headed to the airport. 

"I'm so happy they are finally coming back! It's been forever!" Kylie said the happiest she's been since they've left. 

"Me to! I mean I know I didn't know them when you had to say goodbye to them, but hopefully they like me." Bella said nervously. 

"They will love you! Who wouldn't?" Kylie said as she turned on some actually music. 

    When we arrived at the airport, we all got out and went in. We all walked over to the restaurant that we were at when we first said goodbye to them. I looked at Kylie and Bella and saw how happy they were, but I wasn't. I pulled my headphones out of my pocket and plugged them into my phone. I put my music on shuffle and listened to music while we waited for them. After about 30 minutes I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned around saw someone who use to be my best friend. I got up, faced Michael and said 


"Nicole!! Oh my god, I missed you so much! How's life been?" Michael asked as he smiled and sat down next to me.

"Just fine actually. Until you showed back up." 


I hope you guys liked the first chapter! Thank you guys so much for the support on all my stories and for being great fans! Love you guys <3


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