What I Once Owned {Sequel}

It's been two years since Harry gave Ariana up to Mr. Arrow. He quit being an assassin after realising the pain it caused others, including himself. He's become quiet and reserved, preferring not to talk to anyone aside from Louis.

Ariana was with Arrow for two years, and it was not pretty. He made her do everything he said, no matter the cause. If she didn't, there would be trouble. She finally managed to escape, but with no where to go, who better to visit than Niall Horan and Ally Denver?

The two, with an unexpected fate, find themselves with new drama, problems and feelings. Harry still loves Ariana, but after what he did to her, how could she ever love him again? This is their fate, and this, is What I Once Owned.

Sequel to Assassinating A Brunette Beauty.
©Bad_Boys_Babe 2015


1. Best Of You [Prologue]

Has someone taken your faith?

Its real, the pain you feel

The life, the love you'd die to heal

The hope that starts the broken hearts

You trust, you must


-Foo Fighters, Best Of You


I panted as I ran through the muddy forest, adrenaline pumping through my veins. Angry voices shouted out behind me, curse words being muttered under their breath. I took a quick look over my shoulder and gritted my teeth, noticing that they were catching up.

I came to a halt as I came to the edge of a cliff, a lake below, hidden in an oasis. Vines surrounded the cliff, making it nearly impossible to spot, a deadly trap.

Fuck it

I grabbed one of the vines and took a deep breath in, looking down. I can do this.

And then, I jumped.

"No! Don't let her get away!"

I screamed as I let go of the vine, wind cutting around me as I fell. I landed with a thud in the water, immediately shaking from the icy cold temperature of it. I quickly swam up to the surface, inhaling air. I looked up at the cliff, frowning. At least seven men were up there, but there were fifteen before that.

"C'mon men! I found an easier way down!"

I quickly swam out of the lake and into the forest, yet again taking shelter in the foliage. I ran for who knows how long, but I soon ended up in a village of some sort. A band was playing somewhere in the distance, and I felt a bit out-of-place.

Looking around, I noticed everybody was wearing black, had dyed hair, piercing or tattoos covering their bodies.

"Hey chika! Lost your way?"

I turned my side and saw a girl standing there with a big grin on her face. Her hair was dyed black, with a black and white leopard-print emo-fringe. She was wearing black combat boots, a black mini skirt, a Metallica cut off shirt, and a black leather jacket. A silver nose piercing glinted in the sunlight as she tilted her head.

"Are you alive, there?"

I blinked and nodded slowly, showing I was indeed alive.

"Cool! I'm Jacki, nice to meet ya!"

"I'm Ariana. And I need your help."


Prologue! And if you were wondering why I uploaded it, well, a friend of mine emailed me the other day saying she couldn't wait for the sequel to be uploaded!

So here we are guys, prologue to the sequel of Assassinating A Brunette Beauty!

It'll start being updated near the end of the year ;)

Until then, see ya guys!


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