Fighting For Sanity

Adam is a very successful author. His mystery novels sold well and he became one of the rising stars in the genre. But his life is turned upside-down when he starts seeing the characters of his book in real life. What was going on with him? What did they want from him? Will he be able to save himself and his daughter from the dangers of his mind?


1. How it began

Adam was tapping his fingers on the table nervously as he sat on the sofa in the reception area, awaiting the secretary to return. He never thought he would actually go to seek professional help. Ever since it started he thought he'll be able to figure things out on his own. But he couldn't risk it anymore. Not after what happened two days ago... A friend told him about this Psychiatrist. Even though she was still young she was very good at her job and might help him out. The secretary's voice returned him to reality as she spoke to him. "Mr Adam the doctor will see you shortly but first I need to ask you some questions for your file if you don't mind." She said as she sat in her chair. "Uh yeah, sure." "Can you tell me your last name please?" "Colden, Adam Colden." He answered with a straight face. "Age?" "26, will be 27 next month." "Job?" "I'm a mystery and thrillers writer. I've wrote six novels so far and they have sold pretty well." The secretary looked at him with a smile. "ofcourse, I've read three of those and they all hooked me up from the start to the end. You're a master of your trade." shaking her head a little she returned to her job. "Status? married? single?" Adam signed deeply before answering. "Divorced." She looked up at him again. "I'm sorry, this might be a personal question but may I ask you why you got divorced? it would really help in the case file." Adam raised his voice a little. "What does this have to do with... I'm sorry, I've been on edge lately... She left five years ago to go after a richer man, money was pretty much everything to her. Our daughter was barely one year old then." She gave him a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry about that, any other children?" "No, just Anna." "Can you briefly describe for me what you think is going on with you?" Adam took a deep breath before answering. " I see some of the characters of my novels. when they are there they feel very real to me. Their actions and the words also feel real." "And do they acknowledge your presence or act like you don't exist?" "They see me and talk to me. Ask me questions and sometimes demand things from me." "Can you tell me about the first incident that happened? the first time you saw one of your characters?" "It was about a couple of weeks ago. I tucked Anna in bed and went to sleep myself. In the middle of the night I woke up to voices of muttering outside my room. I panicked and grabbed the flower vase next to my bed and slowly headed for the door. As I reached it I heard clearly the phrase 'How did it come to this?' It was a man's voice. I slowly opened the door and looked at the man. I was... frozen in place... Mortified... flabbergasted. It was Jason." "Jason?" "A character from the first novel I've ever written. He looked exactly like I have imagined him, the same features and clothes. In the story he was in over his head in debt and committed suicide by jumping from a second story window. There was a big window right outside my room and he was standing in front of it. He noticed me as I open the door. His face was filled with rage as he whispered. 'You did this to me.' Then he shouted. 'YOU DID THIS TO ME.' But then the anger in his face turned into fear and confusion. Then he said. "You must finish it, you must!" Then he turned around and jumped through the window. I could hear the glass shattering, saw the shards fill the floor, felt the air coming in from the window and hitting my face. I don't know for how long I stood there until someone grabbed my hand. I looked beside me and it was Anna, asking me if something was wrong. I looked in the direction of the window... Everything was in place, the window was closed and not a crack on it. The floor was clean. And that was the first incident." "He told you to finish it? What did he mean?" Adam swallowed before he answered. "I have no idea." The secretary then finished writing and closed the file. "The doctor will see you in a minute."
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