The beginning of the end

They say it began long before I was born. Long before even my parents were born. Some claim it started in the years R5.80’s. Most people say it did not begin before the year R.7.13, when we finally ran out of everything, and the world became empty. When we faced The First Fall and the first battle of three continents began, killing each other in the millions.
They are all wrong. It is starting now. This is it, the beginning. The beginning of the end.

Alyn lives in a dystopian world scarred by war, pollution and lately, the newest mutation, mages. Can she survive the totalitarian regime that suddenly finds an interest in her, or will she, like so many before her succumb and die?


1. Prolouge

They say our planet, Ahmana, was once a peaceful place. That the inhabitants of the three continents Auperon, Ahtrade and Aethrica were once allies, friends, sharing the riches the world had to offer. However, that was a long time ago, and the continents slowly used every recourse the world had, and woods became wastelands. Then came the poverty, sneaking into every corner of the realms, making people hungry and desperate. When the smallest continent Ahtrade of the north, was found guilty of stealing oil from the richest, Auperon in the west, it made people murderous. Hungry soldiers fought wars over food, killing both environment and men with their chemical weapons, and soon all three continents were on the edge of the abyss.

In the year R8.25 a treaty of armistice was signed, and for 166 years, all could peacefully starve as they watched how the wars had changed the once so beautiful planet Ahmana. Toxins and radiation filled everything, the earth, the water, even the air we all breathed to some extent, causing illness, mutation and death.

As all of this was happening, the rich flocked to the cities and the poor settled around them. Suddenly the world was either clustered or deserted, only ghosts and raiders moving through the wastelands between the populated areas.

The peace was short lived, and in the year S1.36 it died, killed by a group of desperate fishermen from Aetrica raiding the coast of Athrade. The world fell again, and the war it started was bigger, and more horrendous than the previous one.

It was a few years after this, in the years of S1.40’s when they first started appearing. The Mages. Human, till they hit the changing in their late teens and developed the ability to manipulate the substances around them, the very molecules that made up our world. A strong mage could take apart molecules and put the atoms back together in another order like a child would do with their toy blocks. They could create poison by stealing the needed atoms from the things around them, or by moving them, make things boil. All was done using an unknown power within them.

Of course, such power was envied and feared, and soon, two of the main religions claimed mages were children touched by the dark, and many were killed by followers of the church of Siennis.

The war continued, and desperate to find a new weapon, the mages were like a gift to the continent leaders, and soon the hunt for mages had begun. Using the only substance they could not manipulate, the metal Eternalite, the young mages were now imprisoned and forced to fight in the war.

Now it is the year S2.05, and I am about to wake up to the day that will change everything. The day that is the beginning. The beginning of the end.

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