Actual Blood Rose

Alright I know that you might have seen this and you clicked on it and it wouldn't let you read it so this one you can read


1. Poem

Standing at attention 

A blood red rose 

In a soilder's pocket

As he's put in the ground


A blood red rose 

In a young girl's dark hair

As she dances around the street 

Never noticing the man who came towards her

Until it was to late for her and the blood red rose


A blood red rose

Infront of a school 

A boy picks it for the girl he likes

​It's to bad the blood red rose was crushed

As the boy ran away from a gun


A blood red rose 

Lays next to her body

Along with the note 

That explained

Why she killed herself 


A blood red rose 

In a young girl's hand

As she is beaten 

Later she holds it in her hand

And wishes to escape the pain


A pure white rose 

Stained by blood

Stained by pain

Becomes a blood red rose











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