Black has a daughter

What happens when a new student at Hogwarts is the daughter of murder from askaban out supposely to kill harry potter ? And what secrets dose she hold ?


2. hard day



When I got done eating I followed the other Griffindors to our common room ( making sure to rember the password furtuna major ) a nice girl named Ginny showed me to our dormitories ( I later found out she was Ron's little sister ). To my unfortunate self my bed was right next to hermione grangers she sort of jumped wen she saw me and almost demanded to see my scudule and after examining it she sort of well looked dissopointed. Not to my surprise though the whole time during the feast her , Ron , and Harry sat and ( very badly ) whispered the whole time about me not thinking that I heard it but I have very good hearing. I soon went to bed after unpacking all of my things, but just before I fell asleep I noticed Hermione leaving the dorm . I figured she was meeting with Harry and Ron to discuss something probably about me or Sirius my dad or better yet both.

The next day

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