Her name is Shadow. She has been beaten, called a freak, hated. She is a mistake. A smudge to both sides of the demons. Can she right the wrongs and discover which side she really belongs to?

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT: Thank you so much Victoria Cross for making the absolutely beautiful cover for this story <3


4. 4

 I look through my closet. Most of It is black and white; I'm not one for color. I search through the large closet my aunt gave me when I moved in. Even though seeing Utopia and Dystopia is a normal thing for me, I'm always forced to wear something nice. 

 "It's all in the presentation, dearest." Shadow's aunt said as she raked a brush through the eight year old's hair. "Ow, that hurts!" Shadow complained as Simmera finished the brushing and went on to the plaiting of the girls silver hair. The girl never understood why her hair was so complicated, it looks so silky, but no, it's just an annoyance to little Shadow. Simmera left the girl to get her clothing,  leaving Shadow to stare at her own reflection. The young girl reached her hand forward, covering her blue eye, and imagined having bright white Hair, just like Simmera. Then, Shadow hesitantly covered her red eye and imagined having Raven black hair, like Dystopia. She did this whenever she was alone, pondering both sides...

 I pull out a white dress, it's about knee length, with black tulle spilling from the bottom. There's black polka dots on it, and thin straps, Aunt Simmera wouldn't enjoy it. I laugh slightly, setting the dress on my purple and red striped bed spread. I take out my phone (Yes, we have phones, I am a teenager after all). Putting my earbuds in,I turn on one of my favorite mashups. It's a mash up called Radioactive in the Dark, I'm obsessed with this song at the moment, so i play it whenever I can. As the song rings in my ears, I pull out my black leather jacket. My Aunt said I could choose my outfit, and it's October, so why not.

 A dress, a jacket, a pair of red tights, and black pumps later, as well as an argument, my Aunt and I are out the door.

 As we walk through the snow that's building up, the sun come out. If the name "Sky realm' didn't give it away, then You should know, the sun is really damn bright. My red eye doesn't mind, but when the sun came out, my blue eye really hurt. I close my blue eye, and take out my sunglasses. I'm almost always wearing my sunglasses for two reasons, the first is because of the sun, second, because of my eyes, though my hair gives the fact that I'm a freaking... freak... My Aunt gives me a look, she hates when I wear my sunglasses, they annoy her because I'm covering up a lot of my face.

 As we walk, we pass young, beautiful, white haired children playing in in the leaves, bu when we walk by, there are stares and whispers. I've learned to ignore them, I know I'll never be normal, so why try. 

 I pull at the curls of my silver hair, my Aunt doesn't want me to cut it cause it's so 'unique'. It's a little bit pass my waist and is curly, which is SUPER annoying, but I'm not allowed to use a straightener, which sucks. 

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