Her name is Shadow. She has been beaten, called a freak, hated. She is a mistake. A smudge to both sides of the demons. Can she right the wrongs and discover which side she really belongs to?

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT: Thank you so much Victoria Cross for making the absolutely beautiful cover for this story <3


3. 3

  "Don't be nervous dearest." My Aunt says, glancing at me while I eat my breakfast. "I'm not nervous, just hungry." I say while I eat. She turns back to the pancakes on the stove. "Don't talk with your mouth full Dearest." I swallow. "Sorry Aunt Simmera." She laughs a little, the same happy, bright laugh as the other Good Demons. I didn't laugh like that. My laugh was loud and probably annoying. "It's alright Dearest, just remember your manners, especially since you're going to see Utopia... and Dystopia." She shivers.

 All good demons are terrified of Dystopia, she's ruthless. Many times she's tried to kill Utopia, almost bringing on another demon war. I have always imagined what it would be like if there was to be a second war, would I be killed? How many demons would die?

 I've always wondered what death would be like, will I die in a painful way? Will anyone miss me? These thoughts always confuse me, I probably shouldn't care about death, but I have been raised to believe that it is something that happen to me if I'm not suuuuuuper careful. I am hated by my peers.

 A little girl with long silver hair stands in front of a large red brick building. Glares surround her, enveloping the little girl. She wipes her hands on her black skirt, trying not to stand out, but it was extremely difficult for the girl. She took small steps towards the school building, trying to block out the judgmental voices of her peers. "I heard her dad is a bad demon." "Is? He was, he was killed by Dystopia." The silver haired girl starts to walk up the steps to the school. "Oh my gosh, look at those eyes! One is red and one is... blue." The disgusted voices seep into the young girls head. She lets her silver hair fall over her eyes. She quickly walked up the last few steps and through the doors of the school.

 "Dearest? Shadow?" I snap back to reality. "Yeah?" "Yeah?" "Yes ma'am?" She smiles. "Finish up and get dressed." I nod and stand up. Today I'm meeting with them, It's already been a year since I've seen them....    

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