Her name is Shadow. She has been beaten, called a freak, hated. She is a mistake. A smudge to both sides of the demons. Can she right the wrongs and discover which side she really belongs to?

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT: Thank you so much Victoria Cross for making the absolutely beautiful cover for this story <3


2. 2

 After I was born, the rulers of both realms weren't exactly sure what to do with me. I mean, where do I belong? With the good demons in the Sky realm, protecting my assigned human? Or in the Dark realm, causing discord and misery to my Assigned? I was only a baby at the time, and I couldn't have a say in where I wanted to be. There are two rulers, one for the Sky realm, Utopia, and one for the Dark realm, Dystopia. Utopia is a kind man, taking great care of his subjects, he wanted to protect me. Dystopia is an evil woman that hates everything but her bad demons. When my mother had me, Dystopia immediately had my father executed, I never even got to see him... Utopia was kinder on my mother, but took me away from her to decide where I would be placed. 

"How in the world could a bad demon fall in love with those sickening good demons, disgusting" Dystopia said as she held the silver haired baby. Utopia looked at her wearily. "May I see her?" Dystopia rolled her eyes and tossed the baby to him, which he caught, almost having a heart attack. "Your lack of trust in me is incredible, Utopia, really." He gave her a strange look. "I wonder why, Dystopia." She laughs, the sound making the baby cry. Utopia bounced the little girl. "Don't cry dear shadow, everything will be alright." He smiled at her brightly. The blue and red eyed baby giggled happily at the red eyed man. Dystopia let out a disgusted noise. "I don't like children." She grumbles. Utopia looked at her. "She should stay in the Sky realm, is that alright with you, at least until she is sixteen so she may decide for herself where she belongs." Dystopia sighed at the idea. "Alright I suppose I could live with that.

 I live with my Aunt Simmera, I get to see my mother when I turn sixteen. She will be with Utopia and Dystopia.

  Today is October 13th. Today is my birthday. Today I turn sixteen. Today I will get to see my mother for the first time.   

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