Her name is Shadow. She has been beaten, called a freak, hated. She is a mistake. A smudge to both sides of the demons. Can she right the wrongs and discover which side she really belongs to?

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT: Thank you so much Victoria Cross for making the absolutely beautiful cover for this story <3


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Warning: This story has minor language and some parts that may be... touchy to extremely religious people, so if you are one of those people, please don not read this story   




My name is Shadow. Yeah, I know it's a stupid name, I didn't get to decide what my name would be, now did I? No, I didn't. Not even demons get to decide what their names will be. Yeah... demons. Heh. Before you run away screaming or throw holy water on me or something, I have something important to tell you. Not all demons are bad, just some... What I mean is, you know angles right? Tall, blonde, shining eyes, sing like all the time? Well that's kind of what we are, the good ones I mean, not the bad... that'd be kind of awkward... 

 Okay, well to explain this, demons have been around for hundreds, no thousands, of years. For the first hundred years or so, all was well. Well... not all. Some of the demons liked to cause mischief and mayhem, hurting the humans around us by being absolute assholes. The other side was kind to the humans, giving them advice and aid when they needed it. The two sides disagreed with each other... a lot. That's when war broke out between the two sides. After about 50 years of war, they settled on a deal. The bad demons would stay in the Dark realm, while the good ones would stay in the Sky realm, protecting the humans from the bad demons.

 And well, I'm different. Most demons should only stay with their own kind. But my dad... well he kinda strayed. He fell in love with a demon from the Sky realm, and the girl fell in love with him too, That was an ultimate sin. Or so they thought. My mother bore a child, a little girl with silver hair and strange eyes. Her left, Red, the color of the good, the right, blue, the bad.

That's me. Shadow.

And I am the result of my parents ultimate sin.

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