The Truth

Ashley has a best friend named Hannah. They have been best friends since 3rd grade and now they are entering 6th grade. But Ashley thinks that her and Hannah are drifting away. With her friend ever since 4th grade, Liz, they find out the truth about Ashley and Hannah's friendship.


4. Two months ago...

"Whoa! Look at that!" Liz exclaimed while giggling.

She pointed towards a big balloon floating up in the sky. It said 'The Book Rack' on it and it was green. We were in downtown making or way to the library.

"Ohmigod!" I said while laughing. Don't ask why we were laughing at this, because we are both weird people.

Today was a beauiful day. The trees were dancing in the wind, there was not a cloud in the sky and the sparrows were chripping sweetly. We continued on our way. Then, we stopped in front of a clothing store called Clay's.

"Ooo! Look at that dress!" Liz exclaimed with her hand over her mouth so she wouldn't scream with delight.

"That is SO adorable!" I exclaimed with her. 

It was a blue dress with pink laces near the neck and had purple polka dots scattered around it. We were both fashionistas, we almost had the same sense of style. I dragged Liz away from the dress, which she kept looking at.Then we stopped at a hamburger place called Sammie's and Liz's mom works there. She stopped looking behind her for the dress. 

"Is your mom working today?" I asked, while Liz was peeking through the door.

" No, I don't see her." Liz answered. 

We continued on our way until we were going up the steps to the library, then we turned around and looked at the big clock near the "Institution for Savings" bank, with a little fountain under it. I saw a familar face. She had longish dark brown hair and eyes and had on a pink tanktop and dark blue capris. Someone I knew really well. It was Hannah! She must be going to the library because she loves to read and lives near it also. I tapped Liz's shoulder-who was staring off into space- then she turned towards me.

"Look, its Hannah! Do you want to say hi?" I whispered.

"Sure" Liz said happily.

Hannah then crossed the sidewalk and came closer into view. Liz and I ran down the stairs and casually started walking towards her-she then looked up and stared at us and waved.

"Hey Hannah!" Liz and I both said in unision.

"Hey...guys" Hannah greeted while shifting her eyes back and forth between Liz and I. Her voice sounded like a ping of sadness, jealously and anger all pent up as one.

"Making a pit stop to the lbirary?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"Yeah" She said looking at the library.

"Well it was nice to see you!" Liz said, but in a rush.

"You to, bye guys" Hannah then mini-waved and flashed a quick smile and walked up the granite stone steps and dissapeared into the library.

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