Just another Internet friend

Amber is a 20 year old youtuber who has a love for other youtubers such as Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil.
However, not all is rainbows and sunshine- Amber has a dark history and she can feel herself breaking, who will save her now?


3. Chapter 3

Amber's P.O.V

It's been a week since the night my family were killed by the fire in our home. 

My life has literally fallen apart and there is nothing really motivating me, but I do still have a job and perhaps I should fall back on the internet as I have no one else. 

I have the day off of work to recover from the accident so I decide to walk to the shops and I buy a new Mac computer and a camera, YouTube attempt 2.0. 

Since the accident my home has been in ruins so I have been living in the local hostel, admittedly its not very nice and I share a shower and toilet with about 50 other people, but it will have to do for now Clearing up my room there, I sit down in front of the old, dust covered window and press the record button. 

"Hello! I am sorry I haven't uploaded this week but honestly, this week has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. I have lost everything I've ever had...". My voice trails off as I explain and just vent to my camera, it makes me feel so much better about the situation now that I have actually gotten it out of my system. As it is just a rough video with rough emotions, I don't edit the video at all and just upload it, no one will care anyways.

Feeling slightly drained, I shut down my computer and turn off my camera before climbing into bed for a mid-day nap. 

After several hours of a peaceful nap, I wake up at 8pm and immediately go to my computer to check on my YouTube, there is only one comment from 'Anonymous' which says "You're not alone, I've been going through a shit time too, but you are beautiful. Inbox me sometime?"

In response to the comment from 'Anonymous', I inbox them saying the standard "Hello :) ". 


Dan's P.O.V

That girl, Amber, hasn't uploaded in a full week. All I've found myself doing is refreshing her channel page hoping for a second video. I sigh as I click the refresh button for the 294920th time this week, knowing there won't be anything new but this time is different. There it is, that second video I've been longing for. 

Immediately I can see this isn't going to be a particularly happy video from the title 'The week where my life went to shit'. Concerned, I press play.

The video left me speechless, I wish I could be there to hold her and make her smile, but I don't even know the girl. Why am I so attached to her? I decide that for now the most I can do is offer my support so I create another YouTube account where I will remain completely anonymous and then comment offering support. Hopefully she responds positively.





Oh god I am so sorry I haven't updated since May. Over the  past year I have completely finished my GCSE's and then all summer I was drinking every single night. In all honesty, writing didn't cross my mind for a long time until now. 

It sounds so harsh but then again, I have been caught up in life outside of the internet but I am back and I will be posting regularly, how have you all been? 




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