Just another Internet friend

Amber is a 20 year old youtuber who has a love for other youtubers such as Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil.
However, not all is rainbows and sunshine- Amber has a dark history and she can feel herself breaking, who will save her now?


1. Chapter 1


  Amber's P.O.V   The startling red light begins to flash on my video camera, indicating that the video has begun. Perhaps it wasn't a very good idea to not plan my introduction to YouTube but there was no turning back now.    It takes a whole 4 hours of filming and deleting and filming and deleting before I finally decide on a 3 minute video in which I don't look too shy or awkward but not too loud and outgoing. Fuck it, I still look awkward.    I've always thought about becoming a youtuber, perhaps somewhere to vent and make others happy through a computer screen. This had took me so long, not the video or the uploading to YouTube, just the anxiety of the process. Would anybody even watch this? Is there any point?    I take a deep breath and upload the video, instantly regretting my entire existence but not bothering to take it down.   Dan's P.O.V   I finish uploading my latest video and sit down at my desk to search for new youtubers to watch and land on a new introductory video, most likely the exact same as everyone else but still worth watching.    First of all, this girl reminds me of myself as I began youtube. The way she doesn't know what she's doing, is clumsy, random and cringeworthy but she somehow makes it beautiful in a strange way. Finding myself completely entranced by this girl going by the name of Amber, I subscribe and hope that she uploads more regularly than I do.  
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