I Open At The Close


1. .

She closed the book and opened the next,
Turned the page, another appeared.
As the book went on until the end,
Another story began.

He closed his eyes to the dying sun,
Its glowing embers fading down,
And awoke again to the next bright day,
And continued, a spring in his step.

They made their way down the stormy street,
Dripping with water and woes.
The trees raised their umbrellas high
As the rain began to lift.

We rejoiced the end of that long hard year,
The last of those dreadful days.
And started afresh, knowing that now
The struggles would draw to a close.

You saw before your sleeping eyes,
 A Phoenix, weary and old.
It burst into flames, and from the ashes.
A new life began.

I am now only just starting to perceive
That no matter what's come to place,
As one thing ends, another begins.
I open at the close…

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