I Am The Storm (Book #1 the Lone Riders Trilogy)

In the kingdom of Thresparia, a tyrant rules. He's taken all the gold, resources and hope of the people and crushed them into a shadow of their former pride.

But there are people who can rise against him. Can raise their weapons in a symbol of hope and glory, but these are not just any mortal men.

They are humans, elves, dwarves, Fae folk and creatures dedicated to protecting Thresparia. In a land where Riders exist, and many creatures side with humans to fight, in a never-ending battle. Who is better to wash away the blood....

Than the perfect Storm?


5. Dreams

Sophie dreamt of a cave, she was standing with people behind her but she couldn't turn to face them for some unknown reason. Pushing forward, she came to an alcove where two thrones sat. One was basalt and red velvet, it was grand and radiated power but then she noticed the skull that ornated the crest on the back. She shivered as she watched blood start to pour from under it and it seemed to lap at her feet, inviting her to sit on the black throne.


But the other throne was of white marble, not ornate or fancy, only a simple woollen shawl draped over the back but Sophie watched in horror as a body materialised on each other the thrones but as they looked up, each was a copy of her. Each smiled and then the black throned one drew a sword, the iron tainted black and blood dripping off of it and Sophie screamed as the body of a child rolled out from underneath it. The white throned copy held an ornate dagger but there was no smile anymore and she looked older than her years, like everything had weighed her down instead of making her better.


She woke up screaming as they whispered one word simultaneously.




When she woke, Jason was sitting beside her on a chair and Sophie realised that she was on a bed that seemed to be made from a slab of rock and some comfy furs and blankets. Jason looked at her, concern clouding his eyes at her forehead beaded with a cold sweat and her palms shaking at she smoothed out her hair to some standard. To Sophie, his eyes seemed to be more at home in the soft light that she couldn't figure out what was causing it. But she stood up slowly, Saturama opening her eyes lazily as Sophie stumbled over to a wooden table with a bowl of fruit and cheeses placed upon it.


"Are you okay?" She didn't care whether it came from Creature or Rider, she felt sick but she nodded, not wanting them to worry about her delusions. Jason sighed and sat at the table with her, looking her up and down. Sophie glared and swallowed her food quickly.


"What? Do I have juice on my chin or something?"


"No," The familiar raspy, female voice chimed in. It seemed to hint at a laugh behind the words. "he's thinking you need to freshen up before you're fit for public, Mon Xaniat."


Sophie blushed at the friendly term and looked down at herself, suddenly being hit in the face by a shirt and breeches, also a belt. She yanked them off her head to scowl at her assailant, Jason. He laughed and told her where the bathroom was so she could clean and change clothes. Storming off, Sophie slammed the door to make her point, that she was going to be a while.


The bathroom was almost pitch black save for several clusters of candles being nestled into nooks in the wall, the water was a large pool in the floor that shone like polished granite in the low lighting. Removing her soiled clothes and placing the new ones to the side, Sophie slipped into the water, expecting it to be cold but it was infact, very warm and pleasant. Grabbing the soap from another little alcove, she began washing in a sincere tranquillity. But the words seemed to echo around her head again.



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