I Am The Storm (Book #1 the Lone Riders Trilogy)

In the kingdom of Thresparia, a tyrant rules. He's taken all the gold, resources and hope of the people and crushed them into a shadow of their former pride.

But there are people who can rise against him. Can raise their weapons in a symbol of hope and glory, but these are not just any mortal men.

They are humans, elves, dwarves, Fae folk and creatures dedicated to protecting Thresparia. In a land where Riders exist, and many creatures side with humans to fight, in a never-ending battle. Who is better to wash away the blood....

Than the perfect Storm?


9. Claiming (Part 1)

68 views?! That's amazing guys, thanks for reading this book and I just wanted to point out that I do take a while to update cause A) I have a social life and B) It takes me half an hour to write each chapter. But thanks so much and vi ses imorgon! (I'll see you tomorrow!)



After settling into the room she'd now live in for the rest of her training days and as Sophie looked around, she figured that maybe she could live here for the rest of her life if she did well enough. She had no current hopes of becoming a Rider, why should she when she had to focus on her training?


Orik had left her unpacking her possessions, and Sophie (having only a few items to her name and some more clothes that Jason had given her) had finished her task, she sat on the fur bed and admired the room. The walls and floor were made from a soft-grey rock that had tiny veins of ore such as iron and even one or two gold pieces embedded into them, but Sophie felt that it made the whole 'cave' feel more homely as her fingers traced the wood-burner that glowed merrily, her eyes drawn to a picture that was painted onto the wall opposite her bed.


It depicted the dwarves building their city, everyone had a story. A beginning and an end, but Sophie didn't have a beginning that she knew of and her end was still shrouded in mystery because she was still alive. But one thing that she was sure of, it was the fact that someday she would have to choose and it would change everything.


When she'd walked through the city on her tour, some of the people had been whispering. When she asked Orik what they had said, he told her that they were saying 'Stroma'. Meaning 'storm', that they were calling her a storm and she was determined to find out what was the cause of the sudden talk because she was sure that her, Sophie, wasn't the source. If she was, she shuddered to think, then maybe they knew something about her that she didn't.


Just as those thoughts started processing, Orik burst in. He looked out of breath and was grinning like a cat. Sophie stood abruptly, nearly hitting her head on the lamp that hung from the marble ceiling. The noise from outside crept into the room and she wondered what was happening as earlier, the city had been fairly quiet and serene. Orik gestured for her to follow and she complied, trying to catch up as he moved with surprising swiftness and dexterity amongst the crowd and into the Camp.


A few moments later, Orik had dragged her into a small, stone building with a thatch roof. People were jammed inside but there were eggs lining the shelves of all different hues and patterns, some had little chips and were covered in dust but others looked new and shiny. Sophie's attention was grabbed by a low humming sound, her hair fell slightly into her eyes as the hair-do started falling apart, her eyes drinking in everything and finally resting on a storm cloud egg. It's shell seeming to create a marble effect from the different shades, white lines running across it, like lightening captured in stone.


Nobody else seemed to hear the low hum, the sound reverberating through Sophie's soul and making her eyes spark with curiosity. It sounded like a melody from her childhood, something old and distant. Something familiar yet forgotten and Orik was looking at her, obviously seeing her sudden change of body language, he leaned in close to her and whispered.


"Only the chosen Rider can hear it hum, touch it. See what happens." He resumed his previous position and Sophie stepped forward. Other Riders glared at her like she was filth, she didn't get it but Orik was telling them all to let her try.


Reluctantly, they stepped aside to let her near the smooth oblong. Reaching out, her fingers hovered above the shell and the humming seemed to get louder in her ears. There was a silence in the house so thick, that you could cut it with a knife if you'd wished to but everybody was focused on the pale haired, golden eyed girl who seemed to have connected with this egg. Catching her breath, she allowed her fingers to touch the surface.


Searing pain raced through her and the world went white. A new voice entering her head, a rumble that was like one that she'd heard before but forgotten the owner.


I've waited so long for you, Stroma...

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