I Am The Storm (Book #1 the Lone Riders Trilogy)

In the kingdom of Thresparia, a tyrant rules. He's taken all the gold, resources and hope of the people and crushed them into a shadow of their former pride.

But there are people who can rise against him. Can raise their weapons in a symbol of hope and glory, but these are not just any mortal men.

They are humans, elves, dwarves, Fae folk and creatures dedicated to protecting Thresparia. In a land where Riders exist, and many creatures side with humans to fight, in a never-ending battle. Who is better to wash away the blood....

Than the perfect Storm?


4. Change

To Sophie it felt like an eternity riding on Saturama's back, she enjoyed it but it felt like everything was going so slowly now she wasn't busy searching for food or tending to her fire. Jason sat behind her which offered her some protection from falling off but she still felt unsafe in the unusual saddle that clung to the Creature. She'd already calculated that several hours had passed by the movement of the sun against the leaves.


Jason was comfortable, he enjoyed the company of another human on the trip to the clearing where he planned to take off, but Saturama had other ideas and was ambling through the forest like it was a Sunday stroll and not a mission to fetch Sophie and return her to the camp where she could start training and maybe even be claimed by a Creature. The thought of Sophie as a Rider entertained his mind for a while, but somehow, he couldn't imagine this sweet looking girl with the attitude of a Gosimata in battle armour, the image in his mind couldn't imagine her slender frame clad in the black leather that protected them, her hair tied back and upon the back of a creature. To him, it wasn't possible.


But Sophie hadn't entertained the idea since meeting Jason, she'd been focused more on how Saturama moved underneath her, her shoulders rolling as her moved her fore-limbs and the spine shifting slightly as the back legs moved. The little shudder that went through the Creature's body as her tail brushed against something, the way her head kept turning slightly as to scan the area and the occasional shuffle of her wings to keep them comfortable. Sophie memorised it all, and soon she felt her posture change, shifting her own body weight to follow the writhing of muscle and bone. Saturama looked back and raised what Sophie believed to be an eyebrow, she could feel the difference and sent Sophie a quiet little smile. Looking back, she noticed Jason sat rigid, not like her who tried to bob and weave with the movement.


"Why are you so stiff? You're not sitting on a bench you know." Sophie asked, ducking under a low branch as they pushed forward, she felt Jason do the same behind her.


"It's how you're meant to ride," He explained, raising an eyebrow at the question. "it's supposed to make it a smoother ride for both of us." Sophie furrowed her brows before thinking of what to say next.


"But it looks so strange and also, how does not moving at all make it 'smoother?" She countered, Jason laughed and pushed her playfully, like an older sibling would to his younger counterpart.


"Then how do you propose we ought to do it?"


"Ducking and weaving with the movement," She replied, knowing that she had a point and he was waiting for her to explain. "it makes the whole experience more like you're becoming one with your Creature, it also allows you to feel her body language."


There was silence behind her as Jason processed the information, then Sophie felt him ducking and weaving along with her and Saturama felt a lot more relaxed with the movement becoming more free and not so rigorous a weight to carry. Sophie watched the light filtering through the trees as dawn rose, her lids felt heavy again and leaning back against Jason, his arms wrapped around her waist and held her as the heavy burden of sleep became too much for her to bear.


Saturama spoke softly as Sophie slept, Jason stroking her hair with one hand absently.


"She's certainly something, keen eyed if nothing else" Jason shrugged and adjusted the sleeping against him before focusing on the remainder of their journey.


The comment hovered in both minds and Jason stared at the girl, wondering who in Thresparia she was with her knowledge of Creatures. With those thoughts, they continued in silence, as not to disturb her. 

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