Letters to A Lover Sequel

Sequel to my previous story Letters To A Lover


2. Something Strange

A few weeks after the welcome feast, and after Hermione had gotten used to going to her lessons again, she took a trip to the library after dinner one day. The library was one of the few places she wouldn't be disturbed because Harry and Ron would never go in there. She sat herself down at one of the comfy armchairs, her usual one wedged between a table and a bookcase.

There she opened her bag and pulled out a book. After a few minutes she looked around the room to see who the other people were and to give her eyes a rest from reading.  She skimmed her eyes around and saw Malfoy sat over by the fireplace by himself. She did a double take. "Malfoy sat in the library, alone?" She rubbed her eyes as if she was hallucinating but sure enough the blond haired Draco Malfoy was sat by the fireplace his feet curled up underneath him with a book in his hands. She squinted to make out the title and was even more shocked to see that he was reading 'A clockwork orange' The book that she had given him. She looked back down to her book, but couldn't stop herself staring at him every so often. He must have felt her staring at him because he looked up at her and smirked, she quickly averted her gaze back to her book. She could feel her cheeks burning red. Burning so red that she packed up her things and practically ran out of the library. 


The next morning, Hermione had potions, a lesson she particularly hated due to the slimy professor Snape being the teacher. She left the common room without waiting for Harry and Ron, as she knew they would most likely turn up late to the lesson. When she got to the dungeon corridor, there was only one person there. Draco Malfoy was sat on the stone cold floor with his back to the wall, his knees up and his nose buried in a book. Her book. A Clockwork Orange. She walked to the wall opposite him and lent her back against it. He looked up and nodded in her direction. 

"It's really good" He said quietly, still with his eyes locked to the page.  

"Yeah, it is. It's my dad's, he said it's hard reading and that usually twelve year olds wouldn't be able to understand it. But I found it a really easy read" Hermione said thoughtfully 

"Yeah, I'm finding it quite easy to read. However Alex is a bit of an idiot" 

"Well, yeah a socio-path who does 'that' for enjoyment isn't generally viewed as a 'nice guy'"

Draco laughed slightly but stopped abruptly as more students started to arrive. From this point he just ignored her. She wasn't surprised, she never expected him to even speak to her in the first place let alone joke with her. So it was normal for him to ignore her. A few minutes later Ron and Harry sleepily slunk round the corner and came to join Hermione. One of the Slytherin's made a snarky comment to Ron to which he bit back at. Draco told the Slytherin to shut up which made Ron do a double take and stare at him for the next 5 minutes in shock, until Snape came out of his dungeon office and told the students to go in. 

"Today, we will be starting a new project" Snape said after everyone had sat down and pulled out their books.

"I will be assigning the partners on the account that our somewhat equality loving headmaster wants to incorporate diversity into your lessons. So Gryffindors and Slytherins will be paired accordingly"

As Snape began pairing students together, Ron lent in to Harry and whispered into his ear.

"This is bullshit, Dumbledore having us 'make friends' with them! What does he think is going to happen, we'll all be holding hands by the end of the year?"

"Oh honestly Ron, it'll only be bad if you make it so, please stop complaining" Hermione said viciously whispering back.

"Ronald, you shall be paired with Pansy, please go and sit next to her" With a groan he looked over at his new partner. A tall skinny black haired girl with a bird like face and long spindle legs. As he got up, Harry gave him a pat on the back for good luck but couldn't help smirking as Ron trudged across the room.

"Potter, go and sit with Blaise" Snape said continuing the pairing.

"And Miss Granger you shall be with Mr Malfoy. As the top students in this class I expect perfection from the two of you" Draco looked over at Hermione and nodded his head at her, then he got up and moved to the seat next to her. Snape then moved through the students and assigned a potion to each pair. The idea was, was that each pair was given a potion which should be completed over the course of the next 6 weeks. Whichever potion turned out the best would win a year supply to Honeydukes sweet shop, neither Hermione or Draco were interested in the prize but as competitive as they were, they knew they had to win.

Draco and Hermione thought the best thing for them to do first was research, so with permission from Snape, they left class and headed to the library. Once there they pulled together two armchairs and a table and set to work finding all the books they could find on The Vitamix Potion, a potion who gives the drinker increased energy. Draco had volunteered himself to be the tester throughout the process to which Hermione begrudgingly agreed after Draco reassured her that if anything went wrong, he wouldn't hold her responsible for the damage. After they felt like they had done enough research on the ingredients, the two of them departed for the common rooms before lunch.

When Hermione got back, Ron and Harry were already there moaning about their partners and how rubbish the next 6 weeks would be. When Ron saw Hermione enter he called over to her.

"Hermione you're actually lucky you got Malfoy, Pansy is the most annoying person i've ever met!" Hermione smiled as she sat down next to him. "You know Draco is actually alright"

"Alright? Hermione he's evil" Ron said looking baffled

"What do you mean evil?" Harry said looking at Ron

"Dad says that Draco's father is into the dark arts" 

"So?" Hermione asked

"Well anyone who's into the dark arts is a bit dodgy" Ron said answering her.

"A bit dodgy? You're saying that professor Lockhart is 'a bit dodgy'"

"Have you seen him? The guys a lunatic. I just mean, You Know Who was into the dark arts, dad says Draco's father was one of his followers" Hermione felt slightly queasy, she never knew Draco's father was a supporter of Voldemort. She now understood why he had called her a mudblood on the platform.

"I'm going to bed" She said suddenly getting up. When she was in her dormitory she splashed some water onto her faced to try and calm her nerves. She thought working with Draco was about to get a lot harder.

The next morning Hermione woke up and went downstairs to the common room. When she got there Ginny who was Ron's younger sister, informed her that someone had left a parcel outside the common room for her, and then proceeded to hand her a small parcel wrapped in brown paper and string. 

"Thanks Ginny" She said as she took the parcel and ran back up to her dormitory. She sat on her bed and turned the parcel over in her hands. It was very odd her getting a parcel delivered and not at breakfast when the post normally comes. 

"Was it a practical joke?" She thought to herself. Plucking up the courage, she ripped the paper off and let the content fall onto the bed. 

It was a book. She could see that by the cover. She turned it over to read the title and saw that it was 'A Clockwork Orange' she smiled to herself when she realised it had been from Draco, and then wondered why he didnt give it her back in person. 

She looked inside the cover for a letter and found one wedged between two pages.



It was a good book, thank you for lending it to me. As I forgot to bring any this year I am relying on you to source my reading material. 

I need a new book 


Yours sincerely 

Draco Malfoy


Hermione rolled her eyes and got up from the bed. Of course that's what he wanted. Hermione then thought long and hard about which book to give him and thought maybe she could teach him a lesson subconsciously. She grabbed the next book and went to meet him in the library for their potions lesson.

"Granger, you got my letter?" He asked as she joined him at a table.

"Yes I did, why didn't you just ask me in person?"

"I had a detention last night so I didn't have time to find you. Did you bring me a new book?"

"Yes I did" She said pulling out the book from her bag. This book was considerably heavier than the last but Draco didn't complain. He took the book out of her hands and looked at the front cover.

"Pride and Prejudice? What's it about?" He asked 

"Wait and see" Hermione said pulling out her potions notes from her bag. 

Draco rolled his eyes and stored the book in his bag and took out his notes as well. 


Over the next few weeks, Draco and Hermione went back and forth between the library and the dungeon laboratory, making sure they had all the ingredients and doing many draft runs of the potion. Hermione had pushed the thought of Draco having connections to voldemort out of her mind. All the previous potions the two had trieThis time however, three weeks after the task had been set, Hermione felt like the potion was perfect and so they sat down ready for Draco to try it. 

Hermione could't help but feel slightly nervous as Draco dipped the ladle into the hazy blue liquid and even more nervous when he lifted the ladle to his lips and sipped. At first the two looked a little bit confused as for a few seconds nothing appeared to happen. Then slowly but surly chaos began to happen. 

As Malfoy drank the potion, his face colour changes from his usual pale self to a violent shade of green. His mouth began moving as if he were speaking and yet no words were coming out. But when he did speak his voice was high pitched. When he moved it was like there were jet skies attached to his feet and he zoomed around the room. As he did so he began yelling that he couldn't control himself. Making a mental decision in her head as to whether they should go to Madame Pomfrey or Snape, Hermione grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled him out of the room. Halfway to the hospital wing Draco began to hop on one leg instead of walk. He was becoming more and more agitated with each step and eventually Hermione gave him a piggy back the rest of the way there.


When they entered the hospital wing, madame Pomfrey scurried over and helped Draco lie on the bed. After explaining what had happened Hermione sat down next to Draco who's legs were rotating in circles as if he were riding a bike. Madame Pomfrey cast a spell which caused Malfoy's movements to slow down, however making it stop wouldn't be so easy she said. Malfoy was to stay in the hospital wing so that Pomfrey could monitor him. Around dinner time Hermione got up and left.  As it was almost Halloween, she didn't want to miss the feast as it was usually amazing.

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