Letters to A Lover Sequel

Sequel to my previous story Letters To A Lover


3. Hallowed eve

After Malfoy had recovered the two carried on bonding over their shared love for books. Every Saturday morning the two met in the library to read and to fill each other in on what was going on in their lives"

Draco had become the seeker for the Slytherin quidditch team, after Lucius had bought the whole team the new Nimbus 2001 broomsticks. During a confrontation between Harry, Ron, Hermione and the Slytherin quidditch team, Draco called Hermione a Mudblood she felt hurt, the two had been getting along perfectly well she was even starting to like him a little, even though she knew she shouldn't. She ran off leaving Harry and Ron to deal with the Slytherin's. That night the three of them went to Hagrid's hut and told him what had happened and to receive an antidote to the slug hex Ron accidentally cast on himself. 

On Halloween night, Harry found himself serving his first detention from flying the car to school with professor Lockhart so Hermione and Ron promised him they would come meet him afterwards. Hermione, Ron and Harry were walking back from Harry's detention with professor Lockhart when they turned onto the 4th floor corridor. Water...that's all they could see, the whole corridor had been cover in 2 inches of water, their shoes became soggy and the bottom of their robes narrowly missed the puddle. Harry looked down and saw something red reflecting in the water, he looked up to see words written in blood smeared on the wall.

"The chamber of secrets has been opened - Enemies of the heir beware"

To the right of it on a candelabra, Mrs Norris, the caretaker's cat was frozen in mid air. Mid jump as if she'd jumped from the perch but had been frozen in place. Before any of them could say anything, the corridor filled with students and teachers all looking frantically back and forth between the writing on the wall and the three students.

Hermione heard Draco read the words allowed behind her. She turned to look at him when he sneered

"It'll be you next...Mudbloods"  She felt her cheeks glow red as all the students stared at her. She didn't know why he was acting like this all of a sudden.

"Mr Malfoy, 20 points from Slytherin" Dumbledore said, a few of the Slytherin students groaned, and Malfoy's smirk disappeared. 


"But what does it mean?" Ron asked when the three of them were back in the common room.

"I read about it, when professor Dumbledore gave me access to the restricted section"

"When did you get access to the restriction section" Ron asked shocked

"Last year, unlike some, I take education very seriously"

"Right go on Hermione" Harry said getting impatient

"Well, when the founders first came to Hogwarts, the founder of Slytherin; Salazar Slytherin, wasn't happy with the other founders letting muggleborns into the school, and so created a chamber in which he hid a creature that would eventually be released and would get rid of the muggleborns."

"So the heir of Slytherin would know how to open it?" Harry asked

"I guess that's how it's been opened again" Hermione answered looking worried

"But I don't understand, who could be the heir of Slytherin?" Ron asked

"I bet it's Malfoy" Harry said staring into space. Hermione and Ron looked shocked

"Think about it, Draco's dad is one of you know who's followers, don't you think one of the most famous Slytherins is potentially related to Slytherin himself?" Harry said. The two just looked at him with tired eyes.

"Well according to the book I read, the chamber of secrets was opened Fifty years ago and a student was killed" 

"Bloody hell, who was it?" Ron asked suddenly looking pale.

"I don't know, but whoever it was, I'm guessing opened the chamber as well. So Harry it couldn't be Malfoy"

"Malfoy's dad was here fifty years ago, if it's an heir it kind of fits the bill Hermione" 

"Harry you're too excited. I'm going to bed"


The next morning Hermione got up early and went to the library, as it was a Saturday and there were no lessons, students usually slept in so she knew the library would be empty. However it wasn't fully empty, for Draco Malfoy was sat by the fireplace in a large arm chair, his legs crossed and a book balanced on them. Hermione raised her chin and went to sit at a table away from Malfoy but so he could see her. He looked up and nodded at her, Hermione shot Draco a cold look before looking sitting down to read. As there was nobody else around, Draco got up and moved to the seat opposite her.

"What do you want Malfoy?" 

"What? I was just coming to read? We do this every Saturday?" He said looking confused

"That was before you called me a mudblood" Draco looked shocked

"I...I...I...I didn't mean it, I was only doing it because...well you said we had to keep up appearances so nobody would suspect we were friends? I am your friend Hermione" He looked hurt. 

"Friends don't say those things Draco, I thought you respected me enough to not call me that"

"Hermione please. I promise it meant nothing" Draco said almost pleading Hermione.

"I'm going to breakfast" She said packing her things away. 

When she walked out Draco's arms drooped and his face looked hurt, he thought the two were getting closer, he was starting to like her more than he should but he'd ruined it by using that word. Draco trudged back to the Slytherin common room and slumped into a green armchair next to the fireplace, he suddenly didn't feel like reading any more and so pulled out a piece of parchment and his enchanted quill which writes in green ink and began to write a letter. He didn't think he'd ever send it but he still wrote it to clear his mind. 


Hermione and Draco didn't speak for a few weeks, Hermione hadn't forgiven him for calling her a mudblood and despite his constant tries by showing up every Saturday morning to read with her she wouldn't have any of it. Hermione was doing research for the trio's next plan. Determined to find the heir of Slytherin, Harry asked Hermione to research the potion Pollyjuice so that they could transform into Slytherin students and sneak into the common room. Hermione spent weeks in the deserted girls bathroom making the potion, waiting for it to brew.

Finally after waiting a month the night had come where the three of them would become other students. Hermione had been clever and collected hairs from a Slytherin students robes, whereas Harry and Ron used a sleeping potion on Crabbe and Goyle to get their hairs. The three of them stood in the girls bathroom as Hermione ladled the brown sludgey liquid into three glasses and then handed one to each of them.

They all sipped the revolting drink. Ron was the first to drop his glass and run to a cubical to be sick. Hermione was next gagging as she went. But Harry walked to the sink and stared at himself in the mirror. His face was beginning to contort, his face swelling to fit his new identity. His hair didn't change in colour but shot back into his scalp, his arms and legs growing rapidly making him feel unsteady on his new feet. He heard a gasp from behind him and spun to see Ron who was now stood the identical double to Crabbe. 

"Hermione, aren't you coming out?"

"I'm not coming, you go on without me, I'll see you later"

Ron and Harry looked at each other confused, they left the bathroom and headed towards the Slytherin common room. When they were there and talking to Malfoy, they quickly realised that he wasn't the Heir of Slytherin. Harry became disheartened, that they knew nothing and more and more muggleborns were being petrified. Giving up, Harry and Ron headed back to the 3rd floor bathroom to be greeted by Moaning Myrtle who was stifling a laugh from behind her pale hand.

"wait till you see" She said bursting into a shrill laughter.

"Hermione?" Harry said turning the corner into the cubical stalls

Hermione slowly turned around looking embarrassed, however it didn't look like Hermione, her hair was still the usual bushy brown locks but her face had a thick layer of ginger hair attached to every surface, and two triangular ears sticking out from the top of her head. 

"They were cat hairs, The ones I pulled from Millecent's robes, they turned out to be cat hairs."

"If we've changed why haven't you?"

"Polyjuice potion works for human use only. I think I'm stuck like this" From behind Harry, Moaning Myrtle let out and even louder cackle when Hermione said this.

"I'll get Pomfrey" Ron said, leaving the bathroom. 

When he returned with Pomfrey in his wake, Myrtle was laughing so hard she was rolling about on the floor she had just noticed the tail. 

"Good Heavens!" Pomfrey exclaimed when she saw Hermione.

"My child whatever did happen?"

"Well you see...it was Polyjuice potion, but i used cat hairs accidentally"

"How on earth did you get Polyjuice potion?"

"I made it professor"

"You....you made it? you're certainly a very bright girl Hermione. Well you better come with me"

As soon as Hermione and Madame Pomfrey had left, Harry and Ron burst into laughter.

"Did you see her tail!" Myrtle said through her cackles.

"And her paws!" Ron added going red from laughing so hard. After laughing for a while the two returned to the common room and went to bed, they were shattered. Harry stayed awake running everything through his mind. He had convinced himself that it was Malfoy and yet now it wasn't. They had gotten nowhere and now Hermione was in Hospital.

It had been a week since the Polyjuice potion situation, and Hermione was almost back to normal. Right now Madame Pomfrey was keeping her in for check ups. Hermione had just woken up, sat up and stretched. The dead flowers next to her bed had been replaced by an amazing bouquet and in front of the vase sat a small envelope, with green writing on the front reading:


She opened the envelope carefully and took out the piece of parchment inside. She opened it and began to read.



I am sincerely sorry for what I called you. I promise that I didn't mean it and that I only said it so people wouldn't suspicious. I now realise that that isn't an excuse and i still shouldn't have said it. I don't want to lose you as a friend Hermione. I have loved spending time with you recently and I don't want that to stop. 

I am very very sorry and hope you can forgive me

yours sincerely

Draco Malfoy


She re read the letter over and over. She pulled out parchment and scribbled a reply. She thought to herself that if he took the effort to write her an apology letter, then he was sorry. She smiled to herself as she was let out of the hospital wing to go for breakfast. She added the reply to the morning post so that he would receive it that morning. She saw him at breakfast and smiled at him just as his owl landed in front of him with the letter. She watched him open it.



I am grateful for your apology. If you took the time to write it down then I accept your apology and yes I do forgive you. As you probably know I'm in the hospital wing. You should come visit me on Saturday morning. (If you aren't too busy)



He looked over and smiled back, they had made up. Hermione was then let out of the hospital wing on Saturday night after been told she was fine.

A few days later Harry and Ron came running into the Common Room. Harry then explained that he had found a diary on the floor of the girls bathroom, and that when he started to write in it, he found it bewitched and that somebody was writing back to him. He said that it was a boy named Tom Riddle. And that he showed him, the night the chamber was opened and that Hagrid was the one who did it. 

Hermione was shocked.

"Hagrid? Hagrid wouldn't do something like that!" He said

 "Well he did!" Harry said!

"We'll go see him tomorrow, ask him ourselves."

Then they went to bed.


The next morning Harry and Ron were woken by Neville telling them that Professor McGonagall was outside the dormitory waiting for them.

When they went down, professor McGonagall didn't speak to them other than to tell them to follow her. She took them to the hospital wing, where when they entered Harry let out a gasp.

Hermione had been petrified.

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