Letters to A Lover Sequel

Sequel to my previous story Letters To A Lover


1. First Day of a New Year

"Watch it mudblood" was the first thing Hermione Granger heard as she stepped through the barrier onto platform 9 and 3/4. Draco Malfoy had just had his toe ran over by Hermione's luggage cart which caused Draco to shout the rude comment at Hermione and storm off in the opposite direction. Not wanting to start her second year off badly, she ignored him and moved through the crowds of people to find Harry and Ron. She pushed through the crowds of people but couldn't find them anywhere. She could however see the large group of ginger haired people walking towards her from the barrier and went over to see if they were with them.

"Hello Mrs Weasley" She said to the woman in a knitted hat.

"Oh Hermione" She said gasping with joy and pulling her into a big warm hug.

Hermione looked round the group at all the redheads before realising that Harry and Ron weren't actually there.

"Where are Harry and Ron?" Hermione asked as Mrs Weasley let go of her.

"Well they're right..." She said trailing off as she looked around the large group of Weasley's, her face turned scarlet as she quickly turned her head to see where they had gone. Her eyes searched through the crowds desperately trying to find her son and his best friend.

"I'm sure they're fine Molly, they can't have got lost" Mr Weasley said trying to calm his wife down. 

"They must already be on the train" Hermione added. 

"Yes, you'd all better go and get seats then" Mrs Weasley said still looking worried. After everyone had said goodbye to Mr and Mrs Weasley, they all deposited their trunks and got onto the large red and black train.


Hermione moved through the corridor, stopping to look into each compartment to find Harry and Ron, she got to the end of the train and started to get really worried "Where could they be?" She thought to herself, "if they weren't on the train and they weren't on the platform, maybe they couldn't get through the barrier" She shook it off, telling herself that Molly and Arthur would be with them now and they'd find a way of getting to Hogwarts. 

However taking their absence as an opportunity, Hermione found a empty cabin all to herself, sat down on one of the seats, pulled out a large pile of books and began to read. 

The train was well on it's way to Hogwarts and dear Hermione hadn't missed Harry or Ron, she rather enjoyed the peace and quiet she could get when they weren't around, however that peace and quiet was short lived for Draco Malfoy entered Hermione's cabin, she looked up from her book, made eye contact with him and looked back down again completely ignoring him. He sat down on the seat opposite her and stared at her. She hoped that if she carried on ignoring him that he would go away, but after about five minutes Hermione decided to confront him. 

"What do you want Malfoy" she said exasperatedly. Malfoy smiled coyly and picked up a book and stared at the title. After a minuet or so of inspecting the cover and the blurb Malfoy looked up. 

"I want this book" He said expressionless. Hermione eyes widened in surprise, she turned her head and looked at the book he was holding. The title said 'A Clockwork Orange'. She looked back at Draco and stared at him wondering whether he was joking or being serious. After a minute of his facial expression not changing and him saying.

"Honestly Granger is what I said too hard for someone like you to understand?" 

"Someone like me?" She said raising her eyebrows, knowing full well what he meant she wanted to challenge him to say it again.

"You know what I mean" He said. This confused her, usually Malfoy would jump at any opportunity to call Hermione a mudblood, he did on the platform but here he seemed to hesitate. 

"No I don't think I do Malfoy, please explain" 

"Forget it" He said sighing and rolling his eyes. He threw the book down on the seat as he got up. Her turned his back to her and opened the cabin door. 

"Here" Hermione said, when he turned around to face her again her arm was extended towards him holding out the book he had just thrown down. He took it and sat back down on the seat.

"I doubt you'll like it, it's a muggle book" She said as he took the book off her. He nodded, and his lip twitched, Hermione thought for a fraction of a second that he had smiled. He opened the book up and began to read, after a minute or two he mumbled something about having to get back to Crabbe and Goyle and left the cabin. Hermione was left sat there wondering what on earth had just happened.


A while later, Hermione had already finished a book and was onto another one. She heard people from the other cabins screaming, some even cheering. wanting to see what all the fuss was about but not actually caring she looked out of the window to see if it was something out there. And it was. A light dusty blue Ford Anglia was flying next to the train, keeping up good speed with it. She looked in the driver and passenger seat to see her stupid best friends. What were they trying to pull she thought to herself. They will definitely be expelled for this. Sighing she went back to her book and ignored her two best friends.

When she got to Hogwarts she rode a carriage up to the school with Neville and Ginny. When they got there they went to the great hall for the welcome speech. During the sorting ceremony she felt someone staring at her, and looking round the hall her eyes fell on the white haired boy sat at the Slytherin table. Sure enough Draco Malfoy was staring at her. She turned back to the sorting hat and ignored him, but she couldn't shake the feeling. Not wanting to look back at him she started a conversation with Ginny. 

After she had finished eating, she made her way to the Gryffindor common room, where she found Ron and Harry sat waiting for her. She ran to hug them and then quickly scolded them for being so stupid and reckless. 

"You could have died" Hermione said after they told her the full story.

"Come on Hermione, we didn't did we. Don't you think it's a bit strange that the barrier would let us through to platform 9 and 3/4?"

"That is odd. I thought it might have been that. It's almost as if something didn't want you coming to Hogwarts"

They sat talking for another hour before Hermione got up and went to bed. 

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