Sherlock: The Great Bomber

Sherlock and John venture out into London to find who is behind the line of explosions. However the real challenge lies behind the host, he knows exactly what he's doing and is waiting for Sherlocks Appearance.


1. One

The green door of the quaint London apartment crashed open wide allowing Sherlock to force his four giant shopping bags through the archway. He slung them onto the coffee table and sighed.

"We need bigger doors, John." He remarked quietly. John looked up from his newspaper and placed his cup of tea on a saucer on the end table next to his dull red armchair. John looked at his watch and smiled at Sherlock. 

"It took you two hours to get four bags of shopping... Are you beginning to socialise?" John smirked at Sherlock as he conjured up a smart answer. 

"Well there were so many deals and I didn't want to spend to much of your money. Here is your credit card by the way." Sherlock flicked the card at John, who caught it and frowned at Sherlock.

"When did you take that?" John exclaimed eying the card before narrowing his eyes at Sherlock.

"Why do you ask such stupid questions John? I have lived with you for a year now and you don't think I remember where you put your wallet?" He paused and sighed again, louder this time. John knew he was bored, they hadn't had a case for a few days now. Consultant detectives get bored quickly.

"Thanks" Sherlock finished with a cheesy grin before pouring himself some tea and sitting in the leather chair opposite John.

Shaking his head John reopened his newspaper he had subconsciously closed and placed on his lap. "I think I can fix this." John spoke to himself as he flicked through the newspaper landing on the page headlined: "Breaking News! Detonation near Birchin Lane!" He pointed his finger at the article and threw it to Sherlock who read through it with confusion at first, but he eventually became interested and began to nod.

"Yes, yes John. I will take it!" His expression a fond one. Giddy with the adrenaline of a new adventure. He grabbed his full-length coat off the hanger and hastily wrapped it round himself. John knew where they were going and swiftly followed, happy to have helped his friend. Sherlock flipped his collar up and was out the door, John was on his heels. 

Marching downstairs like excited children they made much noise. Mrs Hudson wondered out from the apartment below and laughed at them as they paraded out the front entrance.  She was a nice landlady and enjoyed their presence.  Sherlock muffled a quick "Good Morning", whilst John smiled and waved.

"Don't get in too much trouble you two!" She managed to say before they closed the door.

As John closed the door Sherlock was running alongside the buzzing road; "Taxi" he yelled, waving his hand out wildly to a fast-approaching vehicle. It stopped almost too quickly at his feet, he whipped open the door and called John over. The sparkle in the detectives' eyes could have been seen from miles away, John ran over and slammed the door as he got into the taxi.

"Birchin Lane, Please." John called forward to the driver. Rainwater splattered rhythmically as they sped off down Baker Street. They were going to investigate.

"John, have you called LeStrade?" Sherlock asked as John fumbled for his phone.

"You have been with me the entire time, Sherlock. No I haven't called LeStrade yet." John huffed as he began to punch the number into the keypad. The dull rings could barely be heard as John pushed the phone to his ear.

"John?" LeStrade seemed worried. "Is it about Birchin Lane?"

"Yes, how did you-"

"Already there, we knew you guys would eventually show up. We can't find anything." He seemed distant, like something else was on his mind.

"Pass it here" Sherlock whispered as he grabbed the phone out of John's hand.

"LeStrade, it had to be intentional. Otherwise you would have seen something. Someone set off a bomb and left, they left no trace of their presence so it must be." Sherlock paused, allowing LeStrade to speak.

"It can't be intentional, it would have been seen if it was. There is a hotel here, and it's under 24 hour supervision. The CCTV would have picked it up." LeStrade was always open to Sherlocks' views, however Sherlock usually had to prove it first.

"Keep looking at the CCTV. We will be there shortly." Sherlock pulled the phone away from his ear.

"I need to be at my office to look at the CC-" LeStrade was cut off when Sherlock hung up. He gave the phone back to John and began to mumble to himself. Several times John tried to talk and ask questions but it only seemed to power Sherlocks' thoughts more. Every time John suggested something Sherlock would put his finger up in the air as a signal for John to be quiet. Eventually John sat back and looked out the window.

The rain had stopped by the time they reached Birchin Lane, lifting Johns spirits a bit. Sherlock jumped out of the taxi and ushered John towards the police tape which ran across the end of the lane. A few police cars surrounded the scene, one of which host to Lestrade and his colleague Sergeant Donovan. Sherlock pitied her for several reasons, one of them being her ultimate need to put him down, to which he responded with as much sarcasm as he could possibly muster. Lestrade finished his conversation with a police woman as Sherlock approached, followed by John.

"How many dead?" Sherlock questioned.

"Good afternoon to you too, Sherlock." LeStrade sighed before answering. "Around 370, although some are still missing."


"About 1000." LeStrade paused. "Search parties were sent a few hours ago to look for lost and injured. So the figures aren't complete yet. Whoever did this knew what they were doing, we haven't found anything on CCTV. No suspicious items, nothing."

Sherlock replied without hesitating. "Let me have all the CCTV footage, email it to me at some point today."

"I am not sure I'm-" Sherlock cut LeStrade off before he could deny.

"But first I want to see the damage."

Donovan rolled her eyes and marched forward, gesturing for the three of them to follow. Just meters away, past a few houses the explosion had left a considerable 'dent' in the road. Some of the houses had been affected, the bricks showing through paint, particles continued to crumble to the ground.

"Only something charged could've caused this." Sherlock mumbled, primarily talking to himself but loud enough for everyone to hear. "Not too big, not a bomb." He whipped out his pocket-sized magnifying glass, wiping the lens as he pulled it open. "Hmm," He inspected the rocks, laying on the road looking into the ditch. The debris was mainly dust, which he wiped away, most of the larger pieces had already been moved. He saw the occasional bit of blood. People had been trapped under the rocks, bleeding to death. People were still awake, the attacker obviously wasn't going for the usual stealth approach at midnight - they wanted everyone to know about it. Why? Why did they want everyone to know about it? The blood would be tested but only lead to the people who died, the bomb wasn't buried or the explosion would have had to have been bigger for it to even break the tarmac. It wouldn't have been dropped from the sky, wasn't big enough. It had to have been triggered by something. But would have had to be unseen all the while it was there - something in plain sight. Something everyone has.

Sherlock left the thoughts untied for him to ponder upon later - when he had the CCTV footage.

"John, let's go. I have got what we came here for." Sherlock looked up to see John, Donovan and LeStrade in some conversation about politics.

"Really, I thought you two were professionals... On a crime scene, really?!" Sherlock mumbled as he waltzed over, thanked LeStrade, reminded him for the CCTV footage and thanked Donovan with the most sarcastic smile he could manage before calling for the taxi home.


"Long night ahead John." Sherlock looked over to see John sigh.

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