Wild Horse

Wild Horse


1. 1. Bus.

Chapter 1.

"Morning sweetie!" My mum whispers leaning over my bed and giving me a kiss.

"Ugh! Really? What time is it?" I groan.I struggle to sit up. I've been up all night thinking about horses. I don't know why i love horses, i always have.

"8, SO HURRY UP!" she shouts leaving my room. Ugh shes so, ugh.


"Hey girl. How you been?" My gay best friend Kie asks.

"In weekend mode, im so tired!" i say taking my seat.

"I'm okay, ish..."

"What did you do?" i say looking down on him.

"Nothing much, just met thingy." he grins.

"You what! Who's thingy?" i ask standing up to let him passed. I follow him to the frount fo the bus.

"He is Mike Leonard." He says pushing his way through the standing people. I stand in shock then walk forward. Everyone moves out my way apart from Leah Brutent.

"Can I be passed please?" I ask with my head down.

"What you going to do Nick?" Leah sniggers.

"My name is not Nick it's Nicki. And i'll just walk passed." I scoule shoving my way passed her.

Finally we arrive at school. WOW the journey must of been bad in i want to get into school. I don't mind school because I always sit at the back with Kie. Anyways i should introduce myself, I'm Nicki-Lee Joans, i'm 16 and live with my mum and never at home dad. My Dad calles me Bauty after his old shire horse who he used to have 'when he was my age'.

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