New movella


1. chapter 1

Maia's POV


I laugh sarcastically and roll my eyes, "Ross you need to come up with better jokes and not the same lame blew me away one" I punch him in the arm and we laugh together. He picks me up and starts running around "ROSS PUT ME DOWN YOU PHSYCO!" I scream as I laugh. He laughs back with me "NOT YET THE FUN JUST STARTED" he puts me over his shoulder and runs outside, we're still filming for TBM2, he runs out and dumps me in the water. "ROSS I JUST GOT DRY" I grab some water and splash it at him, he starts splashing it back at me and we start laughing again. He's so cute when he laughs... Hah no, it's just the heat of the moment. "ROSS & MAIA GET OUT OF THE WATER WE NEED TO FILM"


He picks me up again and I started laughing, EVENTUALLY we get back into our dry clothes and get back into filming... We're up to the scene all fans have been waiting for..the kiss scene. I don't really want to...





Ok I'm so nervous, this is our first kiss scene. Does my breath smell good? I breathe into my hand, good it smells minty. Oh man...I hope I impress her with "our" kiss.. I slick my hair back and run some cologne on. I like her so much, but she never seems to notice. I hope this gets her attention.

- 10 minutes later -


I look into her eyes, there a nice dark brown, we lean in getting ready she puts her lips out, here we go. We aren't stopping...? I keep going the kiss was only supposed to be 5 seconds. "GET OFF ME ROSS" I open my eyes oh no what did I don't..

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