Daughter of the Dragonriders

What would happen if Aria gave into her feelings for Eargon? What would happen if Eargon, told Aria how he truly felt? Would they have a kid? A child of two very powerful, and from very old bloodlines, would this kid change the world as they knew it?


6. Time with the Father

I was in the woods shooting stuff with my bow when I heard a voice, one that I barely remember.

“I thought I would find you out here,” a man said.

“What do you want Kingkiller?” I spat, as I let loose another arrow, a bull’s-eye.

“I want to come and apologize, for blowing up at your mother,” he sighed. “That was uncalled for,” I shot another arrow splitting the one I shot before.

“Uncalled for? That is all you have to say?” I spun around angry.

“I am sorry that is an understatement,” I shot off another and split another arrow, without looking.

“You think?” I sassed off. “Mother was only doing her duty, her duty as the Egg Bearer, it is not her fault that the Dragon sensed it’s rider. You cannot control the choice of the dragon,” I lectured. He looked at me and he had a wise and serious gaze.

“For someone you has never been around dragons, you sure do know a lot about them don’t you,” I nod. “How do you know so much?” I turned and shot another arrow.

“How I know, does not matter,” I simply said, avoiding his question. “Now if you are done with the Daughter and Father bonding, I am going to go now,” I walk past him. “You are going to have to fight, to earn my trust,” with that I walked past.



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