Daughter of the Dragonriders

What would happen if Aria gave into her feelings for Eargon? What would happen if Eargon, told Aria how he truly felt? Would they have a kid? A child of two very powerful, and from very old bloodlines, would this kid change the world as they knew it?


2. The Stone

When I saw the woman in the middle of the riding trail, I looked around before I got off of snow. I drew my sword, a red hard sword that never dulls. All I know is it was given to me by my real father. Not the rich nobility that has raised me. I walked forward to the woman, and crouch beside her. My knees cracked, and that caused her to stir.

“Yan aa Tanya?” who is that, she asked. I was surprised that I understood her. She was speaking fluent Elven, something that I have never been around but I understood her.

“Amin eddyr Annabell, tinu en' n'uma er. Men ten' amin  a' tua iant er?” I am Annabell, daughter of no one. Way to help you Old One? That is what I asked her in pretty close to fluent elvish which surprised me, must have her too, for she looked at me. Then she touched one of my red locks and smelled it. Then she said two words before passed out.

“Amin tinu,” my daughter. With that she passed out and then I was shocked. This she-elf claims that she was my mother, or was she delirious and not aware of what she was saying. With that, I picked her up and put her on my horse and something fell out of her bag. A purple stone, it was so beautiful, and with that I put it in my leather bag which I kept on my bag. Then I headed back home, to the castle which I grew up at, and carried her to the infirmary, asking for the best of care for her. They asked why I wanted that, I couldn’t answer that, for the possibility of it being true. I took the stone to my room, and set it on the shelf, I didn’t even get a chance to undress when the stone begun to rock on the shelf. I grabbed my sword from the corner of the room and drew it, then walked slowly to the shelf. Then it broke and there stood a purple and silver thing on the shelf burping and barking.

“What are you?” that was when I tried to pick it up and when it touched my arm I blacked out.

I woke up to screaming and a cooing sound. When I opened my eyes, one of my women in waiting was screaming for two reasons, I was laying in the floor with a purple creature beside me, and my arm was burn. I stood up and ushered my lady in waiting to my bed and sat her down. “Jasmine, calm down, please calm down,” I didn’t the guards to come running in. Now she was no longer screaming, but more or less whimpering. “Jasmine, that purple creature came out of an egg, and egg that the woman in the infirmary was carrying, it had hatched,” with that I stood up. “Jasmine, how is our guest doing in the infirmary?” I asked, for I need answers.

“She is healed, right now she is resting. She talks in her sleep, apparently you and someone named Eragon has made an impact on her life,” she mentioned.

“Okay, when she wakes up, have her come find me,” then I jumped out of my window.

“My Lady!!!!” she screamed as I landed on my feet with a grace that wasn’t human.

“I shall be in barracks,” and that is where I went. Everyone cleared out of my way, I reached up and touched my pointed ears. As I thought about everything. I have heard of Eragon the Dragon Rider, The Shadeslayer, then it clicked. I now knew what that egg was, and the burn on my arm symbolizes. Oh crap, I leaned against the wall as two plus two equaled four. I am a Dragon Rider. With renewed determination, I grabbed my dual swords and begun to train with our men. My parents, well the ones whom raised me said it is better to train this way, with real people, that way I can learn to see what they plan on doing and who would attack first. Even when I was a little girl, they couldn’t ever touch me because of my grace and speed, which is not naturally human. Which is another reason I don’t think I am fully human, that and my pointed ears. One of my parents had to be an elf, for me to be like this and have my ears the way they are. That is why I am so successful in train, for they are human I am not. Now I am also a Dragon Rider. I kept training till I heard someone clapping, I spun around there was the She-Elf, standing there clapping.


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