Daughter of the Dragonriders

What would happen if Aria gave into her feelings for Eargon? What would happen if Eargon, told Aria how he truly felt? Would they have a kid? A child of two very powerful, and from very old bloodlines, would this kid change the world as they knew it?


1. Moonlight ride

This story is about a young lady, a child of nobility, who's life changes, on one midnight ride. Her name was Annabell daughter of Eargon and Aria. In order for her to live a life of semi normancy they sent her away, so she does not know who her true parents are she just knows the ones that raised her. She does know one thing though, she knows that she is not fully human, she knows that from the slight point in her ears. She knows that one of her parents is an elf. She loves nature and she gets urges to sing to the plans, when she does, her beautiful voice cause the plants to thrive full of richness. The only thing she loves more than her plants though, is her full moon rides. That was how everything changed for this young lady,, when she sees a she-elf with the same red hair as her own, laying in the middle of the trail which she rides.



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