Daughter of the Dragonriders

What would happen if Aria gave into her feelings for Eargon? What would happen if Eargon, told Aria how he truly felt? Would they have a kid? A child of two very powerful, and from very old bloodlines, would this kid change the world as they knew it?


3. Answers

I spun around and with my swords drawn and when I realized who it was I lowered them, then I saw that she had a look of pride on her face. “You are in my kingdom, She-Elf. You will speak English. Why did you call me your daughter in the forest? Why was you carrying a dragon’s egg? Why did it hatch in my room? Why did it burn me?” with that I put my swords in their holsters at my hips and lifted my arm and showed her the burn, which then she gasped.

“Okay the reason that I called you my daughter, is because,” she paused and took a deep breath. “Is because, I am your real, biological mother,” she looked down as she waited for my response.

“Honestly, I never thought I would meet my real parents, but I always figured that one of my parents was an elf. Let me guess now, Eragon Shadeslayer is my Father,” her eyes went wide.

“How did you know?” I shook my head indicating that she didn’t want to know. “Anyway, the reason I was carrying the egg is hoping she would choose her rider, she did, I just now wish that she had chose someone else. Never mind our feelings, she chose you. The reason that she hatched for you only she truly knows, then the burn she marked you, signifying that you are her rider and also have given you the ability of magic; magic which flows through dragons,” she looked down. “Your father will be angered, he didn’t want this life for you,” I shrugged my shoulders.

“He may be the one that killed Galbatorix, but I will now be controlled by him or anyone. I am free, now I am only more so. We have to tell the ones who raised me,” Then I left her to follow me, as I went back to the castle.



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